[OnceHeroes] Review

Once Heroes (https://www.facebook.com/onceheroes/), Just released officially on 19th July 2016.

4 out of 5 star rating for this new application.

Though this game might look familiar to you in terms of some of it’s mechanics. It does offer a new fresh game play.

First of all, this game isn’t really pay to win, if that is your concern about gaming. As all the heroes seems to be equally strong and can be upgraded to max star tiers, and also can all be awaken to have further buff.

Dungeon are unique in a sense that every dungeon gives you a set of equipment such as for attack,defense, critical, HP,etc buff. Usually when equipped 2 or 4 pieces set, you get the gear bonus(HP+15%, DEF+15%,etc) !!

All modes of upgrading your hero can be found in dungeons, to gather the item needed, so you don’t have to purchase gems to upgrade your heroes or anything.

There is also a arena, where you get honor to upgrade your buildings as well as more diamonds as you get to the higher ranking!

Quests includes dailies,weeklies, achievement and also events, where you can get diamonds, gold coins, and more keys to fight through the dungeons!

Overall, I would say, it’s worth a play and is definitely my current game of choice right now!


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