[Pokemon Go] Review

Yes Pokemon Go! has finally appear in my country (Singapore)!

It has really started a craze here in Singapore whereby you can see people walking around like zombie (including me), trying to catch em all!

Now what we are here for is of course give a review on Pokemon go!
We would give it a rating of 4/5.
Why not full? because there are some down sides of it from what i have seen from going out playing around and looking around.

A few things on the down sides are, things like where you stay affects how you catch Pokemon.

Poke-stop access
A friend of ours can access 2 poke-stop at his home. so he could literally camp in his house and then using lure module to continue catch Pokemon!

For the unlucky us, the poke-stop for us isn’t near enough for us to reach even when we are at home.

Battery Power

Battery power! Yes do prepare power bank(s) if you decide to head out to catch em all! because battery power still do drain pretty fast, even though we are using our Samsung S7, it still manages drains our battery out in a few hours or so.

It’s so warm in Singapore
you do have to travel around, to capture different Pokemon, go by poke-stop to get pokeballs, and other items as well as catching Pokemon with poke-stop that has lure module activated. So since Singapore is usually warmed by the sun every single day. It is pretty warm and tedious when going out standing under the sun, though the good thing is, you are probably finally getting out of your house and moving around! ( Yea burn some fats off! :D)

Poke Battle!

Yes unfortunately you can only catch Pokemon, level them up and then use them to fight or protect a gym, perhaps a friendly battle function isn’t out yet but could be in the future!

Trap danger
Lure module getting people robbed, what i heard from my friend was somewhere else in the other country, people actually set lure module up to attract people, and then probably just rob their phone and run off while they are playing Pokemon! so do watch out for that even if you are in a safe country!

Road safety
People are actually going out just to catch Pokemon from the way we see it, quite a view we would say. but of course when you go out, do watch out for traffic when crossing the road, Don’t stop in the middle of the road!!
Here’s where our tip for you would come!

IF you do see a Pokemon appearing , you can tap on it, and when the camera screen is activated, you can move off to a safer area where you don’t hinder traffic, or human walk ways, standing at a corner, you can still catch the Pokemon regardless the distance u move off from! Always bring a power bank if you decide to go out the whole day! Bring some cash(for food and drink perhaps), Bring your own water bottle if you are going to places that has no drinkable water access for you for when you do get dehydrated.

Overall, the battery power issue can be improve, and also although there might be some safety hazards while playing, do watch out for your own safety, You can’t catch any more Pokemon if you get hurt in the process right? 🙂


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