[Pokemon Go] Tips and Tricks

So, i have been playing Pokemon go for about 2 days now and i have notice some tips and tricks that is good for you to know!

Saving Private Battery!

As we all know, Niantic is stillt rying to solve the problem of over using our phone’s battery power, though they have a battery power saving function, it still doesn’t helps us much as our phone would be totally drained
from playing Pokemon Go withint 3-6 hours depending on what phone you use, Portable Battery chargers are probably what all pokemon trainers need right now!
Another way to save your battery life is to switch off the AR mode when you are capturing pokemons

Train to Bishan(Busan)!

True Pokemon Go has all of us walking around our city, but another way to quickly pass alot of pokestop is actually via our public transport or your own transport like car or bicycle. By taking Buses and Trains you actually pass by alot of pokestop in quite a short while,
and also you also get a chance to catch some pokemons while at it too! Do take note not to play if your driving a car though or you might end up getting caught by traffic police instead!!

Rings and Curves

As we all know when we capture a pokemon, there is a ring that difers in color depending on how hard it is to catch the pokemon, A green ring usually means
it’s super easy to catch, while a red ring would probably require you to throw a better pokeball, and usuing Razz berry.
The ring contracts over time and restart again, People are saying to throw your pokeball at them when the ring gets smaller. I am not too sure if it’s proven but it seems to be working.

IF you didn’t know, you can actually throw curve ball by spinning it (use your finger  and turn round and round the pokeball)

Pidgey is level!

If you haven’t notice, pidgey only require you 12 candy to evolve it giving you 500XP per evolve. Pidgey’s are also the most common pokemon around everywhere,
so catch and save them all up, use a lucky egg, then evolve all the pidgey at 1 go, giving you 1000XP per evolution of a pidgey!

The Magic Bell curve!

If your looking to evolve and train a powerful pokemon, this is a must-read for you!
Notice in every single pokemon information panel, you would see a white Curve line on top of that pokemon, that indicates it’s potential , so the more filled up that curve bar is, the more potential it has on becoming a good pokemon when you trian it up!
Do take note of their skills as well as it plays a part in how strong your pokemon is. Also it depends on the IV of the pokemon,
You can check our this 2 links for more information!
1000cp Evolution!
Pokemon Go IV calculator

Going an extra mile!

Yes There are some techniques to clock the best mileage for your eggs in your incubator!(If you plan on doing the more legit way by walking! that is)
DO remember your pokemon go has to be open in order for mileage to count, and also Try to walk in a straight line!!
As pokemon go check your travel distance periodically, a straight line is proven to clock more mileage when if you make a turn, it will count the milage diagonally instead from your starting point.

Offering some incense (let’s not hope some real gastly come out though!)

If you use incense in pokemon go! Make sure you are on the go!!! If you are staying at a location , you will probabyl only lure 1 pokemon per 5 minute, however if you are moving, every 200 metre you cover, a pokemon would get lured by the incense.


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