[Pokemon Go] Secrets you may not know!

Some Pokemon Go secrets that you might not have stumbled upon!

Well i believe that all of us in Singapore has been playing Pokemon Go for almost a week now!! and yet there are still more stuff for us to discover in Pokemon Go!

Here are some of the secrets that you may not have discovered, which could have already been patched away too!


Yes! Did you know you can play Pokemon Go in landscape mode?! (Only for iOS user as i tried with Samsung S7 but it didn’t worked, not too sure about the other android phone though!)

Well This is a method, first of all set your phone to landscape position, and then go to Pokemon Go setting > Report High-Priority Issue > Press Home(To exit the app but not close it entirely) > tap your Pokemon Go App again and there you go!
Images of Pokemon Go in landscape

Courtesy of Hihaos:  Click here for images of landscape mode


CP Cap

So some of you may be wondering when you will be able to catch some of the high CPs Pokemon in your Pokemon Go adventure.
Well if you have not known, the max level cap for Pokemon Go for now, is at level 40 .

And some of the CP cap limit are as follows!
At level 40, you would be able to power up your Pokemon to the max CP. However, did you know that at level 30, all the Pokemon you captured using your Pokeballs has the chance to be at the highest CP as well. Yes all Pokemon capture at character level 30 has a chance to get the highest CP. Not only that, for egg hatching , players at level 20 has a chance to get the highest CP out of eggs as well. (But of coursed there is still chances where you get low cp as it is randomized, so pray hard to RNGesus!)

The following code was found out on July 18th on a Reddit post by Equesumbra


Items { TemplateId: “PLAYER_LEVEL_SETTINGS” PlayerLevel {
(Ranknum required xp and cpmultiplier)
MaxEggPlayerLevel: 20
MaxEncounterPlayerLevel: 30


Yes apparently, in the past data-mining by some of the hardcore Pokemon fans, Masterball’s code does appear someone in the data-mining session. of course along with the legendary Pokemon , though what’s missing from it are their base capture rate, which means they could be obtainable via special events in the future!


However! I did discover a video showing that someone has actually obtained a Articundo, Uh-hem i mean Articunos from Niantic labs, though we can’t confirm the accuracy of the clip, but it’s pointing towards that they actually exist in the game! 🙂

Heres the link to the Articundo!

Click here Articundo!

There are also rumors Ditto could be disguising as other pokemons however there aren’t any evidence pointing to it yet.
So what we can say is no one has capture ditto yet! And well Ditto information was sort of in the data-mining session as well. So Ditto, we hope you come out soon!

Trading System

I also want to add that Trading could be well possible for Pokemon Go! as about 7 days ago, datamining has showned that there is something about Trading going on in Pokemon Go!

Image to Trading system by clicking here

Of course there are also other evidence via this Reddit Thread which people post their datamining information.

Pikachu issues?

Pokemon fans has been trying to get Pikachu via methods like the starter pokemon, where they walk a certain distance from the 3 starters Charmander,Squirtle, and Bulbasaur just to find Pikachu. Yes you can do that!
However here in Singapore, well if you wanna find Pikachu, it’s really easy. Go for a rollercoaster ride maybe? I just gave you a hint of where Pikachu can actually be found in Singapore! and i definitely have encountered them myself at the specific location! 🙂

The True Pokemon Master!

Remember Google trying to hire Pokemon master? 😛

Well it actually came true didn’t it, at least for Nick Johnson, who made international headlines and received a dream trip from Expedia and Marriott Rewards, who’ve flown him to France, Hong Kong and Australia, to help add region-exclusive characters to his ever-growing collection.

And to add on, Singapore’s company Funzing.com, an online marketplace that enable members to make money via their hobbies, has actually published an advertisement for the first ever pokemon job in the world.

Well if you are up for it! Do go to the link below for more information!


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