[Rogue Life: Squad Goals] Review

Rogue Life: Squad Goals

Yes Hello everyone! Have you guys stepped into the life of being a rogue?! This is my review of Rogue Life: Squad Goals mobile application.
I would give it a 3.5/5 star rating!

If you are a fan of Temple run and Raiden the arcade game and chibi characters, This is the game for you! Of course with it’s original features in the game as well. Let’s dive down into Rogue Life: Squad Goals!

First of all, there is of course the tutorial as you go in the game, teaching you various ways of upgrading your characters, as well as material farming for upgrading. Material farming comes in different forms, such as mining, logging, farming, etc. And this ingredients will be used to upgrade your characters armory, as well as promotion.

This app includes daily quests systems which requires you to have certain heroes to complete the quest. You start off with 3 characters of course, and along the way as you level up and duel with others, you get to unlock the rest of the heroes! So i wouldn’t say it’s pay to win but perhaps you can collect everything just by grinding through!

As similar as other gaming applications, the adventuring systems requires you to use Bread( Energy) to start missions, and it regenerates over time. As does materials farming, it uses the Heroes energy (Max 100) which regenerates 1 energy/min.

3 Types of currency, Gold, Medals, and Gems for you to use for things like equipment lottery for example. and also to level up your characters. Yes they don’t level up via adventures, they level up by you tapping the Level up button on it’s hero’s interface. And adventure of course allows you to fight and collect gold to level them up!

Overall, i would say it’s worth playing for awhile. It totally reminds me of Raiden, and temple run of course but with it’s own unique features as well!
A simple game that allows you spend your free time on 🙂


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