[Rogue Life: Squad Goals] Tips and Tricks!

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone! This article is going to be about some simple tips and tricks that you can use when playing Rogue Life: Squad Goals.


Yes Vincent is probably 1 of the best hero character you can find in Rogue Life, Why? Because his projectiles are targeted towards the enemy instead of the other characters that shoots only in front of them. Though he is a good hero to have! He would cost you some $$$, yes cash to get him! However if you are a hardcore player i would definitely recommend you to get him!


Ultimate skills!

Yes there is a way to use them effectively! As you can see, ultimate cancels out the attacks that the monster dishes out with animation cancelling.
So you can save the ultimate and wait till you fight the final boss, which all 3 heroes you are using will have their ultimate ready by the time you reach him.

As the ultimate cancels out the attacks from monster, and you believe that the attack would probably be not dodged, that is where your ultimate comes in handy! Use it and you won’t be hit by the projectiles saving you the potential of losing a star.


Don’t Hold on for too long!

Yes, if you remember earlier in the game tutorial, you can evade projectiles! By removing your finger from the screen, the characters will automatically evade what will hit them. But do note they have a cool down bar once they dodged a projectile, before the cool down is refreshed they can get hit by the next projectile. So experiment it yourself and play it the best style that suits you.
i remove my finger when i see huge amount of projectiles raining down on my when i am unable to dodge, then resume control after to dodge any further incoming projectiles that are heading my way.


Getting Stronger

Now there are the few ways to improve your hero’s power: Weapon, Level, Promotion and equipment.

Save your medals!

Yes you can get medals from dueling, Save them up, and use it to do equipment lottery! If you are lucky enough, you would probably get a good 4 star equipment! (One duel point is restored every 30 minutes)

Save your gold!

Yes, gold are used to level up your characters so they get stronger as they level up and promoted to reach higher level cap


More free gems?!

Did you know there are ways you can get free gems, such as repeating quests 5 times in a stage allows you to draw a Repeat Reward which gives you gold and 1 gem. Now that’s a way to generate gems via breads.


Always finish your farmings!

Yes in Rogue Life, there are farming that you can do up to 3 times per day using your hero’s energy. Finish every single one of them, they reset at 12AM SGT(SG server). At the bottom you can see the small icons, if they are showing your the colored icon instead of the silhouette, that means they are not farmed 3/3 yet!



I believe that some heroes have a slight advantage of the others, however if you reach the late game behind, you probably would have unlock every single one of them (except Vincent which requires cash 😛 ). I find them pretty much balance even in the arena. so Level,Gears would probably affect them further in arenas.


Before you sleep/idle!

Oh and one more thing, Remember to do your expedition! Well i prefer to do them before i head to bed as it takes quite awhile to finish the expedition. Sending your strongest 3 heroes would yield higher amount of reward you can get in expedition. but it also takes 10 hours 30 minute to finish an expedition. unless you decide to use a meat! which reduce the time taken to about 6 hours 18 minutes or so. So if you are gonna be idling for over 10 hours, its’ best to send them out on an expedition then letting them idling about doing nothing!


Lastly, My own Opinions!

I feel that Musashi is actually really good at automated fights(you can do that at VIP 2) as he hasten your speed of clearing by at least 2-3 seconds

Vincent is pretty good overall, even in PVP i see him as a good hero because of his lock on ability.

Khan is also another Hero that focuses on PVP, as his ability allows him 100% more damage when any allies get defeated, but do note to actually NOT to put him in the first 3 starter in PVP.




Soooo who’s your favorite heroes?! 🙂


If you haven’t played Rouge Life: Squad Goals yet! Click on the link below to download them today!

iOS: https://appsto.re/sg/KScecb.i
Android: https://goo.gl/P0CXhX


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