[Rogue Life: Squad Goals] Choosing a hero

[Rogue Life: Squad Goals] Heroes of the century~!

Hi fellow Rogues! I am sure that we are all enjoying the game Rogue Life: Squad Goals! I am writing this article which is dedicated for Rogue Life: Squad Goals.

I’ve decided to write this article as i have seen quite an amount of people asking around checking which checking which heroes is the best. So to help you along your journey in Rogue Life: Squad Goals with regards to heroes choices!
I wrote this article as my personal opinion piece and guide for heroes in the application.

My tip for you in heroes choices is to of course get all 12 heroes and max them all up because all of them will be used in duels. However the assessment you see below will give you a heads up on what you might want to invest in first.

Now before i start to assess each of 12 heroes that we can obtain i would like to specify the format.
I will be assessing if they are best fit for (PVP) or (PVE) based on their attacks, ultimates, and passive. Heroes will be specified for (PVP) or (PVE)
So if you are a duelist and like to climb the ranks, it’s always better to start off grinding for those with (PVP) Tags

All skills are listed as the following:

Basic Attack skill
Unique Skill (has a specific timing)


Arthur (PVE):

Swordsmanship: 48 damage (Piercing)
Earthquake: 200% basic damage (*12 [2400%])
Shield Thrower: 200% basic damage
Shield of the Battlefield: Grants shield to block bullet once(from the start of boss battle)

The Passive of Arthur says it all for him, as it is specified for boss battles, therefore, it is best used for PVE.


Khan (PVP):

Axe Thrower: 67 damage
Meteor Destroyer: 2500% basic damage
Wind of Axe: 200% Basic damage
Promise of the Revenge: Attack boost +100% when any ally gets defeated

Khan passive boosts his damage by a whopping 100%! that means his skills damages probably got doubled to 67 > 134(Also having a high base of 67!). But of course it is best to put him in the 4th places onwards because the heroes will be substituted after they die. By placing Khan at 1st-3rd place in PVP you won’t be able to effectively use his passive.


Maxi (PVE):

Lance: 44 damage (piercing)
10,000 Lances Summon: 300% basic damage (*14 [4200%])
Lance Thrower: 250% basic (*3-7 [750-1750%])
Lightning!: 3.3% chance 200% basic damage

Maxi has the potential to do well in both PVE and PVP but his skills are more effectively inclined towards PVE as the 3.3% would probably project out often since they are more mobs to hit. If your lucky in PVP the 3.3% might just be like 20%, however it’s only 200% :P.


Merlin (PVE):

Fire Drop: 45 damage(Piercing)
Hell of Flame: 50% basic(*20 [1000%])
Meteor: 300% basic
Fire Pillar: Regularly 500% basic damage (*2[1000%])

Personally I haven’t gotten Merlin yet, but base on description i would put him under PVE, there isn’t specific information how often his passive activates.
However his damage % isn’t very high. I would not train him for PVP because it would become less cost effective.


Vincent (PVP):

Outburst: 58 damage
Gigantic Weapon: 1000% basic damage
Carpet Bombing: [lock-on]300% basic damage (*3-7 [900-2100%])
Aim: lock on to closest enemy [lock on]

Vincent is a natural in PVP and i would urge players to get Vincent if they can as he requires real cash to be recruited. Why is he a natural talent in PVP?
His passive allows him to lock on to the closest enemies. and in Duels, we can’t control our heroes. This is what makes him pretty good in duels. Instead of missing attacks on targets that are moving around his projectiles locks onto the enemies allowing him to deal maximal damage to them.


Musashi (PVE):

Cut: 39 (piercing)
One Fatal Blow: 800% basic damage
Cross Blow: 350% basic damage (*3-7 [1050-2450%])
Sword Drawing: 2 second dash at any 3 stars cleared stage

I believe Musashi is actually most of the players favorite hero because he is so cool looking. However i think that this was a disguise to how good he might actually be. Musashi is most suitable for PVE as his passive allows players to grind for completed 3 stars stages. His skill damage is pretty low and his passive is practically useless in duels. therefore, he would be most suitable in PVE


Jeanne (PVP):

Ice Magic: 58 damage
Blizzard: 800% basic damage
Ice Pick: 200% basic damage (*3-7 [600-1400%]
Chill: Freeze enemy at interval

I firmly believe that Jeanne passive would pretty much work well in PVP, by stopping enemies movement, you get the few seconds to dish out more damage to defeat them.


Robyn (PVP):

Concentrate: 50 damage
Rain of Arrows: 100% basic damage (*20 [2000%])
Guided Arrow: 200% basic damage (*2-6 [400-1200%])
Hawk Hunt: 1000% basic damage regularly

Robyn’s damage seems pretty decent, and his Passive actually does quite a bit of damage on a single target, which i find useful in PVP. it could probably even take out an enemy hero in a hit.


Silver (PVP):

Dual Pistol: 50 damage
Killer Whale Summon: 600% basic damage
Wave Summon:300% basic damage (*1-5 [300-1500%])
Rapid Stream: 500% basic damage

Likewise, for Silver, as I personally does not have him yet, i feel that according to his skills i believe that he would be more suitable in PVP scenes as his base damage is pretty decent and also at the same time the passive is damage dealing, therefore works well with PVP for dishing out damage.


Chiyome (PVP):

Shuriken: 42 damage (piercing)
Assassination: 100% basic damage (*20 [2000%])
Iron Bird: 100% basic damage (*8-17 [800-1700%])
Spell: Strike Back: After evasion -> 200% basic damage (*4[800%])

Chiyome looks pretty similar to Robyn too, however the amount of damage that Chiyome can dish out should outweigh Robyn’s. I believe that Chiyome is pretty suitable for PVP as the passive activates when attacks is dodged, that means Chiyome can dish damage out as soon as she is in the field.


Kid (PVE):

Throwing Daggers: 67 damage
Storm of Daggers: 800% basic damage
Hack and Slash: 100% basic damage (*4 [400%])
Super Magnet: Automatically obtain items within range of 7

Looking at the passive, we know that Kid is specialized in PVE as well as the low damage percentile that it has despite having a high basic damage.


Helen (PVE):

Sounds Wave Attack: 47 damage (Piercing)
Siren: 800% basic damage
Aria from Heaven: Increase teammates attack for 2% (20% damage+)
Aria of Healing: 10% of everyone’s HP recovered when allies use Ultimate skills

I would put Helen in the category of PVE as i noticed in PVP, ultimate’s are rarely used. However in PVE, it can save your life and finish the certain stages you are in if you refer back to my previous article on Rogue Life: Squad Goals tips and tricks.

If you have read so far down! i am going to give you a little more candies!

Tip: Do you know that before you see the 1st and final boss of every stages, you can predict what projectile it will use just by looking at what the normal monsters projectile is. This will prepare you a little before meeting with the bosses

DO TAKE NOTE: Heroes Gears and levels affect the gameplay as well!

All categorizations are done personally by me and my own opinions. Do discuss further if you have suggestions. I am at all ears to listen to your guidance to perfect this Article.


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