Pokemon Gym Hype Time!

Pokemon Gym Hype Time!~

Yes! It’s been awhile since Pokemon Go has been release in Singapore! And i am pretty sure most of the Singapore players have already gotten at least a strong Pokemon or two! I myself have already gotten my Dragonite last week although it isn’t as strong :P.

So today, this article that I am writing is going to be focusing on Gym battles, and how we can clinch Pokemon gym from almost anyone regardless if they have strong Pokemon in the gym or now!

First of all we must all take note of certain basics of Pokemon gym, and of course the Pokemon itself which plays a part in the gym battle!

I’m gonna be the Gym leader!

So first of all we have to know how to Pokemon gym actually works.
Basically a Gym is taken by 1 of the following 3 team, Instinct,Mystic, or Valor. Their color would be painted on the gym so you know which gym is taken by whom.

A Gym is held by it’s Prestige Points(PP), so in order to conquer and take over a gym, you must continuously fight the gym until the PP reach 0. When it hits 0 the gym gets grayed out and the previous leader gets kicked out. That is when Anyone can put a Pokemon into the gym, whoever gets to put the Pokemon in the gym first will be the gym leader, and the gym will follow it’s leader team and display the correct colors.


Maximizing Gym Output

Now here’s an interesting fact that you might want to know about Gym levels

The maximum number of Prestige Points that a Gym can have is 50,000 PP. The maximum level it can attain is level 10. That would means that up to 10 players can put in 1 Pokemon inclusive of the Gym leader’s to protect the gym.
So for example if the gym is level 3, you can have up to 3 players putting one Pokemon each inclusive of the gym leader.(Gym leader+2 more player=3)

However! do note that when players from the other teams that has successfully attacked the gym would cause the gym to lose prestige, resulting in the de-leveling of the gym, which means that fewer Pokemon will be defending. So if a Level 10 gym keeps getting raided by enemies, it will slowly (or quickly) be de-leveled to level 1 leaving only the gym leader’s Pokemon to defend.  And once they cleared the PP to 0, the leader will be ousted out and the gym will be left to be taken over by another. Do note that the leader can previously holding it can actually put another Pokemon back into the gym to hold it again, This is a battle of GPS and latency of the player( Basically anyone can take over the empty gym).


Training to help!

Yes other than taking over a gym, you can actually get EXP and also to help raise the friendly team gym to raise it’s PP.

The EXP earned from training is equal to 10 percent of the Prestige gained.

The maximum Prestige gained from defeating a single Pokemon through Training is 1000 – and therefore the maximum EXP per defeated Pokemon in Training is 100 EXP.

It was discovered by a fellow Reddit user SneakyKs Reddit post (Click here) that using lower CP Pokemon would allow you to help the gym gain more prestige.


Your fellow team are here to help!

YES! Gym battle is not a solo fight, you can team up with other trainers near the Gym area to take down the gym together! there is actually a icon and number(below your Pokemon hp bar) showing you how many players are fighting in the Gym Battle if you take a close look when fighting a Gym.


Art of Battling

Now you do not just throw any Pokemon just because they are high CP into battle.
Always have a Gym defending Pokemon ready for take-over!

As we all know Pokemon has their type, down to the most basic level, Charmander (Fire), Bulbasaur (Leaf), and Squirtle (Water). They counteract each other base on their type, for example Charmander attacks are super effective towards Bulbasaur however not effective against Squirtle. I’m sure we all have learnt that from playing the Pokemon games. And yes they do affect Pokemon Go as well! So even if your Pokemon is higher CP than the Gym’s Pokemon, that does not mean you win the battle. Types affect as well! So take a look at the Gym defending Pokemon, and choose the right types against them. (Click here to view types and their weaknesses)


Best Order

Since we have learnt about types, the next thing would be putting the Pokemon in the right order so you don’t have to swap Pokemon as much when battling as it could cost you the whole match. It is advised that you place them accordingly in your 6 slots and try to swap them as little as you possible can.(Battle is on-going as you swap Pokemon).


Dodge and special attacks!

I hope you know how to dodge during Battle cause it helps you a lot if you know how to. If you don’t swiping left/right will allow you to evade the enemy’s attack. however please time it properly so you don’t dodge for nothing!
Next, special attacks does quite an amount of damage, but do remember to use them sparingly! Why? Special attacks requires cast time by holding onto the screen. But at the same time, your opponent is still attacking you! you don’t want to die before you finish casting your special attack do you?:P Well it does work against and yet at the same time towards you as you can deal damage to the opponent as well if they are casting their special attack too.



Now that you have understand the techniques and how Gym works.
there are no Poke-center in this game. The only way to heal your Pokemon is your potions, so do prepare a few of them if you are going on a Gym battle spree. They can be looted the same way by going to Poke-stop (you should know by now).

If you are fighting at friendly gym, your Pokemon will not require Revive. Of course however, if you are fighting against the other team, and your Pokemon faints, you will need Revive.



I congratulate you on becoming a gym master! As a gym master, there are benefits for you. Every Pokemon Gym you own, allow you to claim 10 poke coins and 500 star dust. you can claim this reward stacking up to 10 times by owning 10 gyms at the same time (5000 star dust, 100 poke coins) BUT do note that, you can only claim it every 21 hours and according to the amount of gym you hold at the time of claiming.[if you hold 5 gym at the time of claiming, you get 50 poke coins and 2500 star dust)

I hope that this article has helped you understand Poke-Gym a little better. and I look forward to your success of being the Best Pokemon hunter out there!


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