[Fantasy Squad] Pre-Registration


Yes! Have you heard about it! OnPlay will be releasing a new and upcoming game , Fantasy Squad! Pre-register today and you will be rewarded with rewards when the game is launched!

With it’s pre-registration, here are the events which you can join and stand a chance to win attractive prizes! Here’s a little guide on all the events that you can participate in!

By pre-registering, you are already guaranteed with a reward of 300 jewels and 100k Gold in game. Invite your friends as well as we unlock 100,000 pre-registered players to get even more rewards! Why Wait?! Click on the image below to pre-register!



Lucky Chance!

Once you have pre-registered, you can move on to participate in the events 2 and 3.
Here’s how Lucky Chance works:
By registering, you are automatically entitled to 5 free tickets, and as you log into this the site everyday, you are allowed to ‘attend’ to claim 1 ticket. Lastly, by sharing it on facebook, you are entitled to 2 tickets as well.

Click on ‘To Apply GO!’ and you will be prompted with a jackpot which will display what you have rolled for that ticket. You can ‘View Record’ to see what you have gotten so far.

Play with friends!

Yes by inviting friend with a unique link of your own, you will be ranked accordingly to how many friends have responsed to your link and pre-registered. The highest amount of invitation count will stand to win a iPad Air 2! But don’t worry, even if you are not rank 1, you will still be entitled to a certain rewards depending on your ranking.




Wall of Wonders

Join,  Like, Share Fantasy Squad Facebook page and get even more surprises from Fantasy Squad!



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