[Pokemon Go] 8 types of Singapore Players

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8 Types of Pokemon Go Players!

Pokemon Go has been trending pretty well in the Singapore even on the app stores of Android and iOS. Pokemon related apps are seen to be listed right on the very top of the chart of top apps.

But let’s dive deeper into the local scene! I present to you the 8 types of Pokemon Go Players you can find here in Singapore. Huat ah! (8 is an auspicious number in Chinese belief).


1. I wanna be the very best!

(Source: Google images)


Yes, Singapore definitely have an amount of competitive players! Having just one Dragonite or two is not enough for the hardcore players of Pokemon Go. These are the players who would go all out to have the best Pokemon in their arsenal, calculating IV to the highest quality, evolving, spending stardust to maximize their Pokemon. Once satisfied with the Pokemon, their next step will naturally be conquering the gym all around Singapore!


2. Kena caught by hype

(source:  Mothership.sg)

Singaporeans were swept by the wave of Pokemon Go since the launch in Singapore on July 25th 2016, and of course, some of them were the casual players that was caught by this hype. But who knows they might become the very best one day!


3. The Suay (Unlucky) Chosen one


images(Source: Google Images)


Unfortunately, there were also the unlucky ones in Pokemon Go who never has the luck.

Here are some of the list of unfortunate event they encounter regularly:

– Not having a Poke-stop right at your house (Yes I was one of them :< ).
– Walking 10 kilometers in vain because a Rattata pops out of that egg.
– Despite their high level, all the Pokemon encounters were either Rattata, Pidgey or Weedle, or even worse, they come with CP below expectations.
– Rare Pokemon disappearing in the pile of smog they left behind, getting abandoned by your GPS when “Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found” appear right on the screen of your phone.


4. Now you see me, Now you don’t! (Spoofers/Botters)

bot(Source: Google Images)

Yes, Spoofers and Botters can also be found in Singapore as well as all the other countries. This group of wild bandits are the people who doesn’t have to brave the rain and sun to capture the Pokemon. They use specify app or software in order to capture Pokemons. However, Niantic has since taken actions against them recently and they are now seen less often.


5. Gonna catch em all~


newpaper(Source: Straits Times)

These are the players that is probably willing to do almost anything just to finish their collections of all the Pokemon that are available in the game.


6. Poke”Clubbers”

st_20160820_fcpokemon18_2529083(Source: Straits Times)

EH WAH! EH WAH! EH WAH! … No. That’s not how it goes for the Poke “Clubbers”. These Poke “Clubbers” hangs around a certain location with unlimited modulators activated one after another all the way till dawn! The Crowd would even follow like zombies to the voices that shouts out “DRAGONITE” in order to capture it, which of course, might be hazardous to the traffic. So if you are one of them! Do be wary of your surrounding and not get hurt in the process of being the best!


7. The Opportunist


service(Source: Carousell)

They can be seen around even since launch in Singapore. Marketing their products or services that they provide, taking every opportunity that they can to earn themselves some money. They are the great entrepreneurs of Singapore! 🙂


8. The “I don’t care”


(Source: google Images)

Yes, these are the players that does not play Pokemon Go (They do exist!) It’s really hard to explain about them, but one thing is for sure, they don’t catch the hype train!


So which Pokemon Go player are you?


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