[Archeage Begins] Coming Soon!

(Source: GamevilKorea)

Archeage Begins

All fans of Archeage! Be prepared to embark onto a new journey of Archeage on Mobile!

After viewing the video, We are sure that you are all hyped up and getting ready for this game to be launched. As a player who liked Archeage Online, We certainly are looking forward to the mobile interpretation of Archeage, Archeage Begins.

Archeage Begins, published by Gamevil on mobile, is a new and upcoming game from XLgames, the developer of Archeage.

You can sign up for the Archeage Begins newsletter for more future updates: Link Here

Here’s some futher background of Archeage you might want to know!:

Archeage, the MMORPG, released in 2013 in Korea (XLGames), 2014 in the NA region(Trion Worlds). Amassing over 2 million players globally renowned for it’s vast openworld gameplay, and other unique factors such as ships and vehicular creations is now looking towards the success of Mobileventure  by partnering with Gamevil.





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