[Pokemon Go] Version 0.35.0 / 1.5.0

Pokemon Go 0.35.0 Android / 1.5.0 iOS

Pokemon Go has release a minor update to it’s previous version on 22nd August 2016.

The new update was released to implement Pokemon Appraisal feature whereby the respective leaders, Blanche, Candela, Spark will be appraising the Pokemon that you have selected for you.

How does this new feature works?

Basically the leader’s will appraise the Pokemon of your choice, and then by words, tells you how good (by IV rating) your pokemon is!

Here are some images to assist you to show you how you can appraise your Pokemon:


The following are the appraisal message and it’s IV rating %:

Team Mystic Appraisal &  IV

  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!” — IV 81% to 100%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) has certainly caught my attention” — IV 67% to 80%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is above average” — IV 51% to 66%
  • “Overally, your (Pokemon) is not likely to make much headway in battle.” — IV 0% to 50%

Team Instinct Appraisal & IV

  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) looks like it can really battle with the best of them! — IV 81% to 100%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is reallyl strong!” — IV 66% to 80%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is pretty decent!” — It’s not clear yet exactly which IV this pertains to, but compared to Team Valor’s decent, it likely means 51% to 66%.
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) has room for improvement as far as battling goes.” — 0% to 50%

Team Valor Appraisal & IV

  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!” — IV 81% to 100%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is a strong Pokemon. You should be proud! — IV 67% to 80%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is a decent Pokemon.” — IV 51% to 66%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) may not be great in battle, but I still like it!” — IV 0% to 50%


Other new and exciting features

Now in this update, Niantic Labs has actually released in it’s patch ntoes that new and exciting features are going to come in the future update!
I believe what we have been speculating is going to come pretty soon. Yes the hype of  Pokemon Go Generation 2 Pokemon might be coming, but of course we aren’t sure if or when they will be updating the new features. The other features also include player battle( PVP) system, as well as the player trading system. Let’s hope they all come soon!

Minor Bot Fix

It was also mentioned in the patch note that there were some minor bot fix on Pokemon Go. And on 18th August 2016, Niantic Labs has actually released an update on Cheating and Banning. It was stated that they have started to take actions on illegal 3rd party program users, and their account will be terminated. Following that, there was quite a number of people who were unable to access Pokemon Go. This is actually the second wave of banning. The first was when Niantic labs had given out soft ban for 3rd party program users. The second and current wave issued was a permanent ban and account removal by Niantic Labs.

However if you were banned, and think that you were falsefully banned, you can contact Niantic Labs at the following link: https://support.pokemongo.nianticlabs.com/hc/requests/new?ticket_form_id=233187


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