[Rogue Life: Squad Goals] The Arena


The Arena is live! Yes Rogue Life:Squad Goals has released a silent patch which was not announced. So if you haven’t update your app, Please do so at your respective iOS or Android store!

Let us go further into the new feature that was just implemented:

First of all, the Arena is located at the “Challenge” Button, which you can find on the bottom, towards the left of your screen. Give that a Tap and you will see the “Arena” Button as shown on the image below. Tap on that and you will be led into the Arena screen.


The arena consist of 10 rounds for you which you will use 3 bread per challenge, so you will be using 30 or even more bread if you lose and decide to try again.
Every battle allows you to gain a victory reward call the Red Cube. The Red Cube can be used to purchase equipment lottery, allowing you to get a certain star-ranked gear of your choice shown on the image below.


In the Arena, we believe that during the refresh everyday, the Blessing info will be changed randomly. The blessing affect your character that fights in the arena but not the opponent, So if you want to take advantage of the Blessing, do use the specific element heroes for your fights to get the maximal output towards your enemies.


Before we end off this article. Here’s some tips and trick for you!

In Arena, You are able to maneuver your characters and their ultimate, so do use that to your advantage! The rest is up to you 🙂



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