[Monster Super League] Review

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Have you tried Monster Super League yet?! Currently in it’s soft-launch phase and going into official launch tomorrow! Yes tomorrow! september 7th 2016.

We’ve tried the game, and of course, we will be reviewing about Monster Super League and tell you more about it before you start or even if you’ve started but has no clue of what is going on!

We rated Monster Super league  3/5 . We do feel that there are some features that are actually not as original, however there are also uniqueness in this game itself. So let’s find out more!

Graphic [✮✮✮✮]: If you are a fan of Chibi, you would like it
Playability [✮✮✮]: No disconnection, however battery seems to be draining a little
Gameplay [✮✮✮✮]: Turn based battle style with both PVE and PVP content. Weakness System is actually good compared to other games as it has impact in Monster Super League.
Uniqueness [✮✮✮]: Does have it’s own unique content, however concept might not be really fresh at this time.
Retainability(Ability to retain players) [✮✮✮]: The retainability value would be focus on future updates such as new contents. however the game might be really ‘grindy’ at the start such as leveling and upgrading the Astromons would probably drain you out.


Let’s move on to some of the features that Monster Super League has to offer!


Catch a Poke~ i mean AstroMon!

Yes in Monster Super League, the monsters that you are using to battle are call Astromon, and you can obtain them in a few ways. Such as Capturing with AstroChips or hatching them from Eggs which can be bought with diamonds or medals.

Astromons are pretty much the main anchor point of the game. since they are needed for everything, from leveling them, to utilizing them to battle in the Astromon League.

Although Astromon would probably remind you of Pokemon or Digimon. But well they are call Astromon, they are different!

Below is the image of when you are capturing Astromon. Chance of success can be affect in different way, such as investing using gold in the Shop, or before you start the battle. you can upgrade 8 times which gives you about +8% more chance for that map



Champion of the League (PVP)

YAY we gonna be champion of the PVP! Astromon League is the PVP aspect of Monster Super League. In Astromon League, you can select up to 4 of your strongest Astromon to fight for you against other player’s. By winning them you would obtain medals and points for ranking for the weekly league reward.



Awaken,Ascending and Evolution!

Apparently there are 3 types of way to strengthen your Astromon. Awakening, Ascending, as well as evolution. Now this is a unique way to evolve your Astromon! Make them stronger!

Ascension: Raises the Astromon’s star grade, and at a higher star grade, they are granted new skills as well as max level cap.



Awakening: Increases the stats of the Astromon
Evolution: Changes the physical look of the Astromon



Need an Encyclopedia?

Monster Super League has included a Astroguide in the game, where you can check Astromons stats as well as their skills and appearance.

As Astromon of different element has different skills, the Astroguide provides you a platform to be able to check what you want or need. Now you can choose and aim for the Astromon that you want!



Android : Monster Super League

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