Super Mario Run set to release in December 2016

(Source:Nintendo Mobile)

As the title says~ Super Mario Run Developed by Nintendo has been set to release on December 2016 for iOS and at a later date for Android which hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Super Mario Run is playable just by one hand, So you can do whatever you were doing or perhaps holding on to a grab pole/handle while on public transport or while eating!

As mentioned by Shigeru Miyamoto during the Apple Event, Super Mario Run will be released at a set price. However on the Nintendo site, it was said to be released for free, but additional content might have to be purchased. We will keep you posted about any changes in the near future.



Super Mario Run consist of 2 mode currently

Normal mode: the standard course of play for Mario where you clear the stage before the time runs out.
Toad rally( Battle Mode): compete against your friends or even players around the world by getting higher score than them .

Collecting coins and toads by playing to expand your Mushroom Kingdom


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