[War Pirates] Review

(Source: SwiftSwipeSwag)

Have you tried our War Pirates yet? Going for official launch in mid-September. War Pirates is currently in it’s soft launch phase. You can visit Aptoide to download War Pirates to play during this soft launch period. Pre-registration is still up currently as well.

The main aim of this article is for us to review War Pirates and tell you more about it’s specific and unique features.

We rated War Pirates a 3/5. Though it’s unique and special content of pirate themed style. We felt that there could still be further improvement with regards to a few areas.


Graphic [✮✮✮]:The artwork for War Pirates will appeal the younger fans out there. With its vibrant colors and well-planned characters, the game conveys a youthful & energetic theme.

The artwork models for the characters & ships looks decent.However we believe that it could have been even better. We like how developers have designed ships intricately, where you can see a slight change in the skin of the ships with every upgrade done. This game actually gives the vibe of an anime called Kingdom if you have watched it, the characters in the battle sort of resembles the graphic from the anime in terms of their movement it has a realistic feel yet is in a anime style.

Gameplay [✮✮✮]:The  Pre-battle line-up looks clear-cut with a strength-weakness system depicting by their colors (Red,Green,Blue), however there are various limitations for command & control during the actual battle game play such as unable to control the characters to attack specific heroes/ship. 10 minutes into the game, the synchronization of character’s voice & their spires was perfect. The game’s music is very beautifully themed which gives you a rather swash back, Caribbean-like feel. Although you’ll experience slow loading/disconnections but War Pirates would definitely try their best fix this as the game is currently in soft launch phase.

Uniqueness [✮✮✮✮]: A fresh RTS sea battle concept consisting of pirate ships & character arm-to-arm combat. Heroes have a unique ‘Swabbies’ function to boost their stats instead of regular equipment. Honestly speaking, there isn’t much of pirate themes games that can be considered good, and we feel that War Pirates does stood out a little out of the pirate games.

Retainability [✮✮✮]: This game caters to people who enjoy pirates, ships and the sailing seas. The usual game-hoppers may grow bored of it after a while.

Storyline [✮✮]: It has a decent story line of fighting pirates, however does not have a huge impact. And also the dialogues tend to be a little whiny and long.

Here are some of the unique features you will see in War Pirates!


Gem Market


Yes in this game, you do not have to purchase gems just to get gems! In your hideout, you will have a Market, in which you can produce gem, the Market can be upgraded to reduce the time to generate the free gems.


You will probably realize and ask where are the weapons and armors? War Pirate gear system does not go by the standard Weapon/armor system, instead they use what we call ‘Swabbies’, meaning sailors. The heroes are able to ‘equip’ Swabbies to them to increase their stats. The Swabbies can be leveled up to further boost more stats for the hero. The amount of Swabbies they can ‘equip’ is determined by their star grade. (Swabbies does not appear on the actual battle game play, although it would be great if they actually does!)




Oh yes, you can admire the ships that you have at your own hideout! Isn’t that wonderful? Ships complement with the hero during battle as well, ships are separated into 3 categories as well, such as the support, attack, main. and if the grid of the ship matches with the hero on board of that ship, an additional bonus is given during the battle.


Just to let you take a peek at the Actual Sea Battle!


Try to keep the excitement in you, we know it looks awesome! 🙂


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