[Fantasy Squad: Begin of the era] Review


Have you tried the recently released Fantasy Squad:Begin of the Era? You can now download it Google Play and on Apple App Store. Multiple events are already on the way at their Facebook Page!

Now, we have played the game a little and decided review it as well as to give you a little peak into what unique game plays the game has installed for you!

We’ve rated Fantasy Squad: Begin of the Era with 3/5. We felt that there could definitely be further improvement as it might be a little messy for beginners as there are many different types of battles that you can join, it would have been better if it was slowly release by patches. But great work though, having lots of different battle modes. Who knows in the future there might be even more unique battle modes!


Graphic [✮✮✮]: The character graphics are illustrated as drawn with a certain realistic style and added with some sort of motion tweens to its body. Illustrated graphics are pretty much original artwork, and thus we can see the amount of effort that the developer have put in to create their own and unique characters. The background during battle however, is given a less detailed design, which could be understood for the players to focus on the characters and battle more. However, given the date of release, I believe that most of us would expect an even more realistic graphic. But perhaps the design was correlated to match the graphic genre to the game.
Story Line[✮✮✮✮]: The story  line started at the very beginning giving the game a very good pre-look as to what was to be expected.  A very clear cut timeline on what was going on and where the game play was going towards. The trailer also introduced some of the gameplay’s features, such as the [Guardian] and also the main character Stein, in bid to find his brother Aidan. This eventually made us want to find out more and the end of the story line.
Game-play [✮✮✮]: The game play of Fantasy Squad can be said to be common but yet unique. It is a 2D hack and slash RPG. With a team of 3 in the story mode, and utilizing the other teams or characters into battles such as rumble battle which uses 5 heroes, Arena of conqueror which uses 7. Immortal war that uses 3 teams of 3, and infinite battle that uses 1 team of 3. This would require players to strategies on the different battle modes. However of course it would be confusing to players that has just started as they might take some time to figure out each and every battle that they will face. It would have been better if they actually locked some content at the beginning to simplify the game overalls as well as to make player anticipate for what will be released in the near future.
Uniqueness [✮✮✮✮]:  There are quite a few unique points about this game. Such as Skill point allocation, skill points are generated over time so you can add skills to your characters of your choice instead of leveling up the character or merging characters to get skill levels. The Battle features such as rumble battle where by you will fight opponent players in a rumble battle by using 5 heroes, the heroes will spawn out after a specific timer until all 5 heroes are on the field. Of course the last hero standing will win the match.  Heroes that are utilized also have a passive combo link effect, if they are together on the field, their passive link skills would be activated such as boosting attack for the specific hero, or HP recovery. All this features actually made the game feel more original with no plagiarism.
Retainability [✮✮✮]: The ability to retain players is always an issue, as most players are touch and go types until they found their ideal genre. For Fantasy Squad, we believe this game would probably retain certain players, such as players who like to know the storyline, or players who love battle features such as PVP, looking at rumble battle for example, is a very unique battle structure that could retain players. And also as said before, a lot of content was released at one go, if some were ‘locked’ it might actually keep player anticipating for the near future updates.


Unique features

Now here are some special features that are in the game.

Fights were never that simple

As mentioned there were several battle mode, for both PVP and PVE, such as the rumble Battle. The rumble battle is made so that you could set the arrangement of which hero would be spawned first,second,third, etc.  The pre-battle also allows you to see your opponent team so you can plan and fight to your advantage.


The other Battle mode would be the Arena of the Conqueror, where you can place 7 heroes to join the arena, however for each fight only 3 would appear, and if they win, you can substitute them with the remaining 4 heroes to fight the next round. The battle will carry on until all 7 heroes are defeated.



Together we are more powerful!

Heroes link is the function when 2 heroes are put into play together, which would activate a passive bonus.
As you can see from the image below, Lilith is linked with Raicar, given them the bonus to regen 1.2% HP every second. This would be advantageous for your battles in all modes.



Where pockets is a concern

Well fear not, if you are concern of burning your cash for the game, This game allows you to summon even the best heroes for free, but of course there is a cool down for it. nevertheless, if you can’t wait to get stronger and faster, you could always pour some coins out of your purses to summon more. BUT always remember it can be for free too. If you are patient enough to wait.





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