[Oz: Broken Kingdom] Review

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Oz:Broken Kingdom published by Nexon has been official released on 14th september 2016. The turn-base combat game takes place in an alternate setting of the land of Oz created by Nexon. Oz: Broken Kingdom allows the player to take control of the 4 heroes, Tin man,Scarecrow,Lion which was adapted from’The wizard of Oz’ Story and Ophelia Shen the heroine which was drifted from the sea the the land of Oz.

The mobile game is currently available for download on both iOS and Android.

We’ve given Oz:Broken Kingdom a rating of 3.4/5. The game overall was great in most aspect, however definitely could be improved further in terms of gameplay, storyline. However, the graphic was pretty outstanding and the unique features of the game making it special and stand out as compared to other mobile games.


Graphic [✮✮✮✮]:   The game was designed in 3D and at the same time, it seems that the developer was trying to portray characters and background to look realistic (you can see that the background is actually animated instead of static during your battle gameplay!). Given the current technology, we would say that it is pretty decent, however there can be further improvement for the graphics and styles. Though the illustrated images and dialogue is good when going through the tutorial, it would have been better if the storyline uses a realistic video with character talking, instead of illustrated image and dialogue. The characters look pretty remarkable too if you were to compare them to the story of the wizard of Oz, they don’t look frail but instead they look buffed up, which makes the entire team of four look awesome.

Storyline [✮✮✮]: The storyline has a very distinct Oz story, with the disappearance of the wizard of Oz and Dorothy Gale. The kingdom of Oz was struck by dark magic and a new heroine appears to save the kingdom, Ophelia Shen, which is the first character that you will use in the game followed by the tin-man, lion, and scarecrow who will join your team. Overall we would say that it has a decent storyline with a slight twist from the original story of the wizard of Oz (It actually does feel like a sequel to the wizard of Oz!) with detailed narrative content.

Gameplay [✮✮✮]: The gameplay is a single hero turn-base combat for story dungeons, and Single hero PVP arena, therefore you can select a hero and edit it’s loadout (abilities) before heading into combat. The game also has a very detailed tutorial, which teaches you how you can get and level your ability, and you get to try out all your character at the beginning of the story dungeons so you know what and how they can be used. There is a Strength and Weakness wheel, where you can check which hero you want to use to fight in the battle. Should players get lazy, there is a 2x and 3x speed as well as auto function available to be used. There are also Arena for PVP genre lovers, as well as a guild for companions and benefits. As your team level up, the overall stats for the heroes are increased as well.

Uniqueness [ ✮✮✮✮]: Characters have their unique ability, such as Scarecrows power up is a strong next attack after he charges up the courage, tin man gets additional mana when it’s filled, the lion gets more power per courage he gains. The character ability is a card and mana system where they require a certain mana to use the abilities. Although the PVP might look like any turn base battle, it actually is a little different as compared to other games, you are able to have 2 companions fighting alongside with you in the Arena, which can be upgraded and changed in the loadout like your abilities, The Arena is a real-time system where you are fighting your opponent in a live match which is not the typical Auto/bot-controlled battle.

Retainability [✮✮✮]: We believe that the PVP arena does has its value in retaining players. And possibly even create a league out of that. The PVE feature would function as a stepping stone for the players to know the game battle. The storyline would be a good retainer for people who actually like the story of the wizard of Oz. It is just like reading the sequel of the wizard of Oz as it has its own unique and distinct story. We believe that this game is actually able to capture the attention of children and young adolescents due to its storyline and PVP system.


Unique Features

PVP in real-time

Indeed the feature of PVP has been common since a long time ago, however real-time PVP hasn’t been seen much in mobile game until just recently.  OZ:Broken Kingdom PVP systems features the real-time turn based PVP which allows players to duke it out to attain higher league tiers and ranking. We never know if this feature might actually make it big to a live tournament competition someday!


The PVP arena does not only allow 1 of your hero in the battle, it also comes with 2 companion which you can upgrade or change accordingly. However you can only control your hero but not the 2 companion.



Card ability

The abilities of your hero may not be fixed in the arena or when farming story dungeons. You are able to equip your hero up to 6 skills at any time to be used in battle. During your battle, the ability will be presented similar as the image,which comes in a card form. You will be allowed choose your attack with the choice of 3 random ability and basic attack at any given time during your turn. When an ability is used, the next ability card will take over the slot for your next turn usage.



You can find cards via various means and upgrade them to increase their potential(increase attack/support power of that ability).





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