[Rogue Life: Squad Goals] Tips and Tricks Revisited

(Source:Rogue Life Official)

Rogue Life: Squad goals has been released for a while now and no doubt we are still playing the game! Before we dive deeper into some of the events that are currently going on for Rogue life. Let us share with you some of the tips and tricks that you might not know of! We have talked about some Tips and tricks before. However we’ve refined it into the current version.

Tips and Tricks!

Let us start off with some of the basics that you must know in order to survive the game longer!

Ultimate could save your star!: Did you know that whenever you use an ultimate, the enemies projectiles will all be canceled, this will probably save you from getting hit from a mass output of projectiles from the enemy. Saving you from the reduction of a star from that map.

Evasion: Ever wonder how people could get 3 star maps or survive longer? Well perhaps you haven’t understood the evasion technique yet. Evasion can be coupled with item stats such as gaining hp after a successful evasion. In order for evasion to work, your finger must not be on your screen at all as evasion won’t be activated if you are controlling your heroes.

Vincent: Ever since the latest patch of The Arena, Vincent has become even more popular hero than ever! Why so? Because in the new Arena, you are able to control your heroes in the battle. Therefore, Vincent Aimed shot became so much more powerful inside the Arena. He could just be the winning factor for your team!

Khan: khan and his trippy passive is also pretty useful when using in pvp fights! As you use all your heroes for PVP, it is always best to put Khan at least at the 4th position onward. His passive will only be activated when someone in the team dies, therefore if you put him in 1st-3rd placing you won’t be able to utilize his +100% increased damage passive!

10/10 for Arena! : If you are having some trouble with the Arena, fret not! We have some little tiny tips and tricks just for you to be better at the Arena. First of all, if you do have a Vincent, sticking to corners would help you a little bit as his aimed shot would continue shooting your enemies.

Next technique would require you to swipe your heroes to the left and right corner at about a second interval I would say. As your enemies will probably be following your heroes, by moving them left and right, the enemies would follow as well but at a slower pace, and thus their projectiles would probably miss you more if you are on the move. However, if you swipe left and right too furiously, you probably would end up eating more bullets. So test it out!

Stars Don’t Matter~: As we know, at VIP 2, you would have auto adventure feature. That means you can utilize it to earn more gold and level up while you are working on your job, or doing your assignment. Well here’s a tip for you. As you know, higher stages give you slightly more gold coins. Here’s a word of advice for you. 1 star, 2 star, 3 star? It doesn’t matter, you still get the same amount of EXP from the stage. IF you do not have VIP 2, you can still do so by manually playing as well.

Best heroes?! Who who?!: I’m sure a lot of you have the question of who is the best hero to pump your gold and potions into. I would undoubtedly say Vincent would definitely be the best hero out of all the heroes. However, if you are looking towards fighting in arena. I would recommend you to build 1 range(Green), 1 melee(yellow),1 magic(purple), or 1 Mechanical range(blue).

Why so? Because by focusing on 1 hero of per type, you can level them up faster! To attain level 80 you would need 64 2-starred potion which would take some time for you to farm them out. If you spread them out to even level all your heroes, they would probably die to 1 level 80 hero per 3 level 60 hero.
Therefore we would recommend you to focus on 1 hero per type.
Here is an example of what I would focus on pvp-wise: Vincent(Blue), Chiyomi(Green) , (Maxi(yellow), Jeanne(purple).

Talk to your chibi heroes! We all know that the day resets every day at 12AM(SGT). In case you do not know that if you press your heroes, you will get some goodies from them ranging from gold to marbles for your roulette roll!

Clan points: although we do not know what they can be used or gauged for, but we do know that with every bread you spent, you get 1 clan point added. So you know the total amount of bread that you have spent 😉

Bread is Life: Are you always complaining while you aren’t leveling up fast enough and spending your medals earned from duel on 3 stars lottery? Why not try buying all the bread from the vendor whenever it’s available, you can level up faster, allowing your structures to be upgraded so that you can get more materials from them. clearing the maps also gives your material and gold as well. So if you are running into some issue with Gold and Materials, Bread is the way to go!


Event 1

From September 16th – September 23rd 2016,Stand a chance to win up to 300 gem by taking a picture with Rogue Life either while playing or edited.
Feel free to add witty caption as well!
Include your In-Game Name on your entry and post your picture on the Official Event Post
The winners will be selected on 09/26/2016


Event 2

Rate and Review Rogue Life: Squad Goals on the app store, make sure that your review is submitted within the even period from September 16th – September 25th 2016. Take a screenshot of your posted review and then comment on the Facebook post along with your In-Game Name.
The Reward will be given out 5-7 days after the end of the event.
For Android OS, Go to Google Play Store at http://bit.ly/1OZrlK7
For iOS, Go to iOS App Store at http://apple.co/1UeC2K4



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