Mobile games at TGS 2016

TGS2016.jpg(Source: TGS 2016)

Tokyo Game Show 2016, the event that happened over last weekend on the 15th -18th september 2016 has gave us news and announcements of the current and upcoming games by some of the developers such as Square Enix.

As there was quite an amount of games that was announced and shown. We’ve decided to compile the mobile games that were made public for you!

Flame X Blaze   : A 3v3 MOBA by Square Enix.
Akashic Records  by Square Enix
Guardian Codex  : Mobile RPG by Square Enix
Grand Marche no Meikyū : dungeon clear type RPG that features a story-line for cuisine cooking (Yumm yumm!) by Square Enix
Dissidia Final Fantasy : Opera Omnia : Turn base RPG Final fantasy fans would definitely love this! by Square Enix
Final Fantasy Record Keepers : Turn base RPG by Square Enix (Released)
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius : Turn base RPG by Square Enix (Released)
Mobius Final Fantasy : Turn base RPG by Square Enix (Released)
Gurumon : Monster training RPG by Square Enix
Thousand Memories by Akatsuki
Age of three Kingdoms  MMO strategy game by  6waves (Released)
Battlefield Twintail by 6waves
Ace Virgin by 6 waves
Soul Chronicle by 6waves
Childrens of doomsday : turn base RPG by CELAD <Taiwan> (Released)
BlazBlue RR : 2D Mobile combat by 91Act
D Squad: 2D side scroller ARPG by Crespirit
Royal Legacy : Puzzle RPG by Daily Magic Productions
Kitty Pop Pirate: Puzzle Shooter by Daily Magic Productions
Jelly Jamz : Tile-matching Puzzle by Daily Magic Productions
X-tactics :  Tactical RPG by Gamkin inc. (Released)
Puzzle of Empire : Strategic puzzle game by Geisha Tokyo Entertainment (Released)
POP ET RPG: Puzzle RPG by Ganbarrel
Helix Horizon: JRPG by Kumora
Elemental Knights Online : Mobile MMORPG by winlight (Released)
Dungeon of Gravestone : Dungeon Crawl RPG by Wonderland Kazakiri (Released)
Majigirl : Vertical Scrolling Shooter game by Xeen (Released)


Although 2016 may not have been the peak for mobile gaming, we do hope to see the mobile genre perform better in 2017!

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