[War of Crown] Pre-registration


War of Crown, developed and published by Gamevil is currently open for pre-registration for it’s close beta till the 27th September 2016. Close beta will commence on 28th September to 2nd October 2016.

The pre-registration also allows you to get a $50 worth of Garnet, which is a in game currency.

War of Crown is a turn base strategy game that revolves around the story of Uru the creator who have died, which in turn making the world divided between Rue of the seven Virtue and Pia of the seven sins. They both vanished from the world, however their underlings weren’t completely wiped out,.Pia’s army, also known as the Deathgard army plotted in secret to resurrect their leader. Fontain, a warrior of the virtue discovered the secret and stole the artifact that was needed for the resurrection. Meanwhile a high priestess found an infant and believed that this child would stop the war once and for all.

War of Crown.gif

you can pre-register for the close beta now till 27th September 2016

Pre-Register Here

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