[Starry Fantasy Online] Review

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Just released on the 20th September 2016, Starry Fantasy Online is the latest 3D MMORPG that is made available on the Android,PC and also on the iOS very soon.

The game was adapted from its Chinese Version call 星晴 online, which had a whopping 51,000 fans on their Facebook page. The game is published by the same developer cum publisher iStargames.

We’ve given Starry fantasy Online a rating of 3/5. The game was overall playable. And we would recommend it to players who are either very sociable, Game grinders, or even busy working adults! The shortcoming of the game would definitely be its story line. However the game play and features would probably keep you busy.


Graphic [✮✮✮]: Starry Fantasy Online was designed in a 3D graphical format, it does seem that the character is designed to be more detailed than the background itself making the character stand out. This art style is very similar to the MOBA game, League of Legend. The art style gives Starry Fantasy Online a very Anime/cartoon genre which probably fits the game due to some of its features. Overall the graphics are very focused on its cartoon/anime genre, the illustrations such as the avatar of the different classes are also drawn to fit a manga or web toon illustration. A weakness in the game graphic would probably be it’s in-game character graphic modification. The 4 classes in the Starry Fantasy Online have their own default look, however there is limitation to how much a player can change its toon’s outlook such as being able to change its hair color but not hair style. Perhaps in the near future of the update, more options could be given to change the toon’s appearance.

Storyline [✮✮]: In Starry Fantasy Online, the storyline was that it is based on a western mythology human, fairies, and demons. Brave heroes are needed in order to save the world and to preserve peace. When we first started into the game, there wasn’t any storyline given. We do believe that the game focused much more on their unique features as well as in terms of their gameplay. It would be nicer of course, to have a story line for players to relate the game to.

Gameplay [✮✮✮]: Starry Fantasy Online is a 3D MMORPG, therefore we would expect a great deal in its gameplay.
The game has most of the aspects that are required in MMORPG, such as social features which this game really excel, and also in terms of fighting abilities and balances. For character balances, we can’t really relate to it as the game is still in its early phases, but currently there seem to be no overpowered classes yet.
It’s amazing for a mobile game to have 2nd job classes, which is crucial for player growth, and each and every player are able to change their character to an upgraded job class at level 40.
The game also has an Automated Fight Function which we could say that it is a good and bad thing as some players doesn’t like games that are too automated, however adults would probably prefer to have it due to their busy work life. Players could also leave the game running on their mobile/PC overnight to attain maximal amount of experience in the game.
Skills of each classes are limited to 5 active skills, 1 passive, and 1 standard attack. At this amount of skills that is given to a player, we would say it is perfect for a mobile game, however if we were to take it to a PC game level (You can play Starry Fantasy Online on PC!), It would be lacking quite a bit. But of course, it is still a mobile game after all with a PC playable function.
Overall the gameplay is considered to be pretty decent, but definitely not one of the first kind in the MMORPG genre as we have seen various other mmorpg that has the same game functions.

Uniqueness [✮✮✮✮]: Now for a mobile game it has quite some amount of unique features that are in the game. Making use of social functions, you are able to use voice chats and also have your own personalized page where people can ‘knock’ on you making you look much more popular in the game. As you get to know people, some would send you soap or flowers which displays your popularity. Not to mention that you can upload your selfie in the game as a profile picture, and also a short introduction on your personalized page.

If you have noticed, this game can actually be played on your computer as well. They have included an execution file for you to play the game on your computer, so you won’t worry about your phone’s battery life or overheating.

Other than the usual equipment, this game also provides a 4 amulet system to increase your power. The amulet can be refined using other similar amulet to change the stats randomly.
Skills are also leveled up in a unique way by using them instead of basing on your character’s level. So the more you grind, the higher your skill level can actually get. The AFK function isn’t exactly like a bot, you can do it that way, or you can join a party to up to 5 people and go demon hunting as well.

‘Retainability’(Ability to Retain players) [✮✮✮]: A major part of retainability would probably be for Players who like to socialize would probably like this game because of the personalized page function. With all the social features it would make them want to stay in the game to socialize. MMORPG grinders would probably like this game as well due to its leveling difficulty (that is why AFK function is good too!) A bad point would probably be its P2W shop feature we believe, however who knows, in time  free players would probably be able to catch up as well.




Every player will have their own personalized blog which they can decorate. They are also able to edit their personal information as well as upload a selfie for display. In the Personalized page, players can ‘knock’ each other, similarly to what you would have on Facebook ‘poke’ or ‘like’. Additionally, Flowers and soap can be sent to the player as a sort of non-monetary popularity incentive.

Personalized Blog


I can hear you~

A voice chat function is also available for players who would rather want to speak than to type.

Voice Chat


More stats more power!

The Amulet system is another way to upgrade your character other than their typical armors and weapons. This system allows you to equip amulets of different elements such as Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. They are similar to armor in terms of their grading which runs from R1 to R12 and comes with a basic set of attributes. However you are able to refine amulets by extracting the refine  stats from a similar amulet. Each piece of Amulet allows you to have 7 extra refinement attributes.

Amulet System


Strategy to be the most skilled!

The skills upgrade system defies the traditional skill system where player level up their character, which in turn level the skills up as well. Here on Starry Fantasy Online, you have to manually upgrade your skills once their proficiency reaches 100%, in order to increase the proficiency ‘EXP’, you would have to use the skills in battle. or you can use skill points to level them up as well.

Skill System


Now i won’t have to overheat my phone!

Starry Fantasy Online is playable on PC rather than just on mobile! You can download the PC version and then log in via the client.

PC Version

Pre-event: Here
Google Play: Here
PC Client:Here
AppStore: Coming soon


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