[Clash Royale] As entertaining and funny as ever

Along with the patch released just last week. Clash Royale has also released a series of new commercial videos that are available for you to watch on their Youtube Channel. In this release, you can see the introductions of Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, The Log. The Clash Royale commercials also features Giant Skeleton, Dark Prince, Prince, as well as the pesky little Goblins.The commercials are still as funny and entertaining as ever which would probably entice new players to try out the game.

If you have missed out on the patch Information during the patch on 19th September, do not fret. We have them all here for you!


  • Challenges: 12 wins unlocks the top prize, 3 losses and you’re out!
  • Classic Challenge: 10 Gems to enter, top prize of 2000 Gold and 100 cards
  • Grand Challenge: 100 Gems to enter, top prize of 22000 Gold and 1100 cards
  • Tournament Creation: Gem prices and prizes reworked
  • Simplification: Choose between four tournament setups
  • Mega Minion: Available soon (see it in action!)
  • Every Two Weeks: One new card will be released!
  • Legendary Chest: Contains a Legendary Card from any Arena! Can be won from battle and appears in the Shop
  • Epic Chest: Contains only Epic Cards! Can be won from battle and appears in the Shop
  • Arena Packs: Special one-time offers available upon reaching a new Arena
  • New Cards: Special offer card stacks available for newly released cards
  • Friendly Battles: Challenge your friends from the friends list
  • Friends List: Moved to the new Social tab (replacing the Clan tab)
  • Spectator: See when friends are online and spectate their battles
  • Rethinking Emotes: You can now mute your opponent during each battle (find out more!
  • Excess Crowns: Now overflow from one Crown Chest to the next, if you have one waiting
  • Achievements: Unlock a new achievement in Tournament Challenge
  • Card Balance: We’ve re-balanced several cards (find out why!)

Clash Royale is available on both iOS and Android

iOS: Here

Android: Here


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