Keep Singapore safe with SGSecure

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(Photo: AFP/Bob Low)

The terror threat is coming closer to our shoals of sunny Singapore. No longer can we rest on our laurels and wait till something happens. The nation has stepped up it’s game to keep our homeland safe with the recent SG Secure movement prompting Singaporeans to stay vigilant, alert & strong.



In an effort to streamline the alerting & reaction process of our defence forces, Ministry of Home affairs have launched the SGSECURE mobile app to serve as ‘ears & eyes’ on the ground.

Apart from sending nation-wide alerts, a key feature of the app – the ‘point-shoot-send’ function, very similar to Facebook’s Live Video, provide live situational updates for defence forces to assess on the ground situations while planning for contingencies.


This technological advancement of instantaneous information is vital to safeguard our homeland. Homeland security is a national movement. Do your part to keep our Singapore, Safe.

Download SGSecure App

iOS: Here

Android: Here


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