Titanfall Frontline Soft launch in the Philippines


Earlier about 2 weeks ago, we mentioned about the release of Titanfall Frontline, a strategic battle CCG/TCG. Well, the game has been released for it’s soft launched in Philippines. So if you are from the Philippines, you can download it and try it out now!

The Pre-registration is still available for everyone, so if you don’t want to miss the chance of getting some goodies when the game launches officially, do remember to sign up for it!

We’ve had some information from our fellow friends in the Philippines reporting that they are experiencing some gameplay lag. It could be that the game server could be under stress due to the massive amount of players playing the game at the same time. However since it’s still in the soft launch phase, such things would be expected but will perhaps be resolved when Titanfall Frontline launch officially.

Players can now download the app here via the Google app store for Android, iOS version will be coming soon.



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