Stone Age Begins

(Source: Netmarble Global)

Stone Age Begins, developed and published by Netmarble has officially been launch today! Stone Age Begins is now available on both Android and iOS.

Stone Age Begins is a turn-base pet battle game which offers capturing of rare dinosaurs as pets to help engage in the player’s battles.The game also includes features such as it’s PVE content of ‘conquest’ and ‘raid’ where players will battle with mutated dinosaurs as well combining their forces to fight against machine dinosaurs. Stone Age Begins also have PVP content available for the PVP lovers.The Arena, where players will duke it out with each other to clinch the title of greatest trainer.

The story begins thousands of years ago where Nature’s providence was violated and demolished by the machine driven society of the humans which caused the world nearly into destruction. A new continent call Tectonika was created by the four spirit of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. However the continent faces grave dangers with the revival of Golros, a remnant of the machines.

Blessed with the power of the spirit, players must now save the continent of Tectonika.

Save Tectonika in Stone Age Begins today on both Android and iOS!

Android: Here
iOS: Here


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