Devillian Mobile Soft launch in selected countries

Devillian Mobile


Developed by Bluehole, Devillian is a dungeon base 3D MMORPG that is currently in its soft launch in selected country such as Spain,Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, Philippines, and Vietnam. Those in the selected country will be able to download Devillian on their Google play store.

The game is famous for its PC version that is published by Trion Worlds.  The mobile version of Devillian offers solo dungeon mode as well as PVP and raid mode.

In the game, you will be able to select one of the three classes: Destroyer, Witch blade, Leopard. Each of them would have their own unique character along with it.

Humans have started to be corrupted by Chaos pieces that has fallen, and leagues of demon lords has invaded Aelkeina. Being conquered by the demons, Ahel the creator sensd a message telling ‘human with demon power of chaos piece will arise’

Are you ready to become a devil in order to eradicate the league of demons that have set foot into your homeland..


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