The new age of mobile gaming

Why are MMOs going mobile?

It is not surprising that the evolution of mobile games industry has already begun ever since the era of Smart Phones. 2016 gave us an insight to an increasing trend of many PC or console based MMORPGs slowly targeting the mobile market. Last month, Sony announced its plans to go Mobile. In fact, many game developers are converting & remaking mobile MMORPGs versions to expand revenue in the mobile industry.

Gaming Revenue Statistics

In-app purchases are generating so much revenue

in-app purchase

There are 2 ways an app can earn from consumers. Firstly, a player can purchase an app for a fixed amount of money. This method is known as B2P (Buy to play), a model that many console and PC games have adopted in the past. This method however is not very effective.

Instead, many App developers adopt a freemium – model, where they offer free mobile apps containing IAPs (In-app purchases). It has been proven that mobile apps generate more revenue when the freemium model is adopted.

The revenue made from mobile gaming alone totaled up to US$22,480 million in 2016. The revenue would be expected to continue its growth in the next 5 years until something more innovative appears to take over the mobile gaming reign.


Strategies used by Mobile App Marketers


We have seen how developers and publishers have taken steps on how they should target the market in terms of audience traffic as well as revenue. The typical, standard way a Mobile App would market usually starts off with a pre-launch event. Games such as Zombie Anarchy and War of Crown have adopted this marketing strategy.

Like sending out party invitations, mobile app marketers pre-plan for the expected turn-up of their party prior to launching the game launch. In return, pre-registered users will be able to obtain in-app items. This serves as a win-win situation for both the developer as well as the people who intend to play the game when it launches.


Going Social for Mobile games

mobile gaming news.jpg

We do believe that engagement with your audience correlates to revenue growth. Setting up social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube & Google+ allows Game developers to connect to gamers on a personal scale, giving a personal touch to your project. By having mobile news platforms or even engaging streamers to create ‘live’ broadcast would allow developer to have both traffic expansion & social media awareness increased for their game.


Regional Soft Launch

The next step they would take is probably through ‘soft launching’ or close beta phase. By launching the game in certain regions or countries, they begin by allowing players to play and test their application for debugging before official launches. The Soft launch process would usually have included the IAP features so that revenue could actually be generated. Soft launches would usually take in countries that would have high populations, or high revenue for mobile gaming. With a population of close to 102 million, Philippines is one of the giants in the gaming scene around the South-east Asia region, generating US$159.0m in mobile gaming revenue in 2016 alone. Other countries include China (US$7,144.3m), U.S.A (US$4,304.0m) and India (US$1,865.3m).



The technique of soft-launching would have its pros and cons, such as in the point of view from a player who isn’t located in the specific location of a certain app launch, he might be subjected to a disadvantage as he could not access the game at the same time as the others who are able to participate in the soft-launch. Common countries that Apps have soft-launched in includes Philippines and Canada for the iOS. Some developer doesn’t delete the data of the close betas off, thus causing disruption or unbalance to the other players.

The evolution never stops, so does Mobile gaming. We at Gamersaur believes that the mobile gaming industry will bloom and we hope in this case, more new and wonderful games would be produced for the players. And we will strive to bring you as much and as fast mobile gaming news, information and reviews to you!


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