Dungeon Striker G pre-registration


Dungeon Striker G, publish by NexonM, will be available in japan pretty soon! Pre-registration has begun and of course incentives of pre-registrations are also included as shown on it’s website .


Dungeon Striker G is a hack and slash Mobile RPG, available in a few modes that includes solo and multiplayer battle. you will be able to choose between  4 classes in the game, which encompasses of the Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Cleric.


Dungeon Striker G is the improved version of Dungeon Striker Begins which its close-beta was released by Eyedentity Games earlier last year. The mobile versions are adapted from the PC version Dungeon Striker which service was ceased back in Febuary this year. Many players of the PC Dungeon Striker were refunded of their cash purchases and if they have reached level 50, they would get a free leveled up character in Dragon Nest, which was also developed by Eyedentity games.
Dungeon Striker G will be in Japanese and news of global version has yet to hit the shores yet. Should there be an English version, Gamersaur will we keep you updated on Dungeon Striker G.


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