Are you ready to defend the galaxy in Planet of Heroes?


Planet of Heroes, published by is the second MOBA mobile game the platform has created. The game is currently in its second close beta phase, and is welcoming players to enter the battleground of the galaxy.

Planet of Heroes is a single lane MOBA mobile game with jungle and bushes with visibility changes. The aim of the game links with its storyline of endlessly clashing with each other in the arena in order to keep the ‘Devourer’ in its eternal slumber by emanating primal emotions such as Rage, Revenge, survival, and even the joy of victory. And that is why you, as Strategist shall control the heroes in the arena, in order to preserve the slumber of the ‘Devourer’ until the forerunners finish creating a new black-hole.

The MOBA currently offers a few game modes that includes bots matches, co-op play, and 3-on-3 PvP matches.

you can access the Planet of Heroes at a certain fixed time everyday from now till October 15th. You can download the Planet of Heroes for both iOS and Android and test it out at the alloted time stated below:

second test time.jpg


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