Ultimate Jan Ken pon!

Remember the Zero sum hand game, Rock-Paper-Scissors that you use to play with your childhood mates? Well you can now reminisce your childhood again with Ultimate Jan Ken Pon!  The Zero sum hand game is so famous that it is widely use in even variety show and anime such as Running man and Hunter X Hunter where Gon Freecss skills are based on Jan Ken Pon itself!

As we know that when playing Jan Ken Pon, we would arm ourselves with a pan as defense and a toy hammer for offense. So when we win a Jan Ken Pon match, we would strike our foe with the hammer as a penalty, they of course will able to defend themselves from the hit too with a pan. Afraid the digital version would not be the same? Well not to worry about this penalty part as it is already implemented in the game itself with some upgrades of formidable and breath-taking equipments!

Ultimate Jan Ken Pon is a time reaction game developed and published by Bakcorpstudio infused with its unique content such as equipment (The hammer and pan!) and guardian spirits known as Jin’rai. It includes various playing mode such as the PVP Arena, and also the PVE Boss fight. So will you be fast enough to defeat your opponent?

What we like about this game is that, you can duel with your friend! So instead of doing the traditional Jan Ken Pon physically, you can now play together in the digital world with awesome graphics!

Ultimate Jan Ken Pon is the digital version of our famous rock-paper-scissors game that is pretty well-known internationally. You can now play the game via Android and iOS soon to follow. You can visit their website too for more upcoming new updates of the game at: http://ultimate-jkp.com/en/.


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