Afterpulse coming to you on Android soon!


Since the released on the iOS App Store on Q4 2015, Afterpulse has won various awards such as the Best game of the year at the Gamelab Barcelona 2016. GAMEVIL has been working with Digital Legends to push for the release of Afterpulse in the Android market which could possible be released by the end of 2016!

As an android user, I definitely would hope that Afterpulse would be release faster so I could get started on this game as soon as possible!

Along with this great news, Afterpulse has also released its halloween-themed armor and weapons as October hits the calendar! The Halloween themed items includes armor sets that player can use to trick their foes or treat themselves to some of the newest set like NIGHTCRAWLER Devil,Specter and Thing.

Halloween patch.jpg

This halloween, players can treat themselves to the the halloween sales that started on the 30th September till 30th October.

The sales includes the previous Nightcrawler weapons and armors and also the latest addition that is shown:

New Addition:
KPK LMG Nightcrawler
UNK CQB Nightcrawler
HMG 24 Nightcrawler
AKSG-12 Nightcrawler
MFX 9 Nightcrawler
A 500 Nightcrawler
EMG 25 Nightcrawler

New gear sets:
1x 4★ Set, 1x 5★, 1×6★
“Thing” Gear set
Specter Gear set
Devil Gear set

Afterpulse is a 3D third-person shooter mobile game developed by Digital Legends Entertainment and published  by GAMEVIL.

About Digital Legends

Digital Legends Entertainment is one of the world’s leading high end mobile game developers that delivers superb gaming experience to smart phones, tablets and connected TVs across all operating systems powered by its proprietary Karisma Technology.

For additional information, visit


If you have not played Afterpulse before, it is currently available on iOS and coming soon to you on android!

Afterpulse iOS: click here


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