Starry Fantasy Online – Join us as we interview a player from SFO!


So as we all know, Starry Fantasy Online has been launched just recently and currently hosting up to 8 servers for players to begin their journey on a dreamy adventure! Starry Fantasy Online is a 3D MMORPG that features various unique content such as a Blog in the game where people literally uses it like social network site by obtaining likes, and receiving flowers and soaps to gain popularity. The current English version of the game was adapted from the Chinese version 星晴 online developed and published by istargames.

We got the chance to interview one of the player in the game, Acid. Acid started Starry Fantasy Online right on the very first day of the game launch. We must say, he definitely is a very dedicated player!

Acid is currently playing in server 1- Venus he is currently ranked 4 and moving upwards in the warrior ranking! Starry Fantasy Online Warrior Ranking

We’ve asked Acid various question with regards to the game and here is how he answered it!

Gamersaur:Hi Acid, we thank you for the opportunity to allow us to interview you even though you are a busy person!
Acid: Not at all! It’s kinda nice to be interviewed!

Gamersaur: So how did you find out about Starry Fantasy Online?
Acid: A friend of mine actually introduced this game to me, however the game wasn’t to his liking so I was left alone in the game. I did meet a few friends inside that kept me going to play this game though!

Gamersaur: It’s great to hear that you have actually made new friends through games, so what do you think about this game? What rating would you give it ranging from 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.
Acid:The game is great and have lots of activity that players can do such as mines, world boss, PVP and etc. It is very engaging when you get to play with other players around the world in events such as clan sieges, or even just the normal PVE dailies that you get to do in the game. I would this game a rating of 4 out of 5.

Gamersaur: It must be a really wonderful game that you even gave such a high rating to it! So what do you think are some of the factors that attracted you to play this game?
Acid: Well the game attracted me with its fairy system, equipment system and its a co-op game so i can play it with my friends. The game content is really dense and requires me to explore deeper to know what is really going on. For example, the fairy system that I am in love with. In order to increase its power we not only have to level it but play with our luck by refining it as it is the only way to so call hatch the egg into a full-fledged fairy.

Starry Fantasy Online fairy refining

Gamersaur: Wow that definitely sounds very complicated!
Acid: Not at all, once you learn how its done, it’s really easy.

Gamersaur: Awesome, So Acid, how did you chose your In-game name, Acid?
Acid:Well I choose my game name Acid it because it sounds dangerous.

Gamersaur: Wow, you definitely are a dangerous man as a ranked 4 warrior in the game! So what’s your aim in this game?
Acid:My aim is to get a rare pet in the game, have a good equipment also to be great warrior and known by everyone.

Gamersaur: I am definitely sure you will be very famous one day! I am curious though, like what do you think about mobile games? and what actually made you play mobile games?
Acid:One thing is for sure, mobile games are now improving such as graphic and also the gameplay. why would I play? Smartphones are very portable and I can play mobile games anywhere I go.

Gamersaur: That sounds really fantastic Acid, we are pretty sure that you are definitely an expert gamer! Here’s a final question for you great warrior Acid! Could you tell us what you think about Starry Fantasy Online content? and how do you think it can be improved?
Acid: Hmm, I would suggest more dungeon to be added and classes or advance class, more types and design of the fairy system would be nice. I would definitely recommend this game to others to play!

Gamersaur: That’s really awesome to hear, and it has been really wonderful to be able to interview you. We thank you for you time despite your busy schedules, and definitely hope that you will become the number 1 warrior in Starry Fantasy Online!

If you haven’t played Starry Fantasy Online yet, you can find out more with the links below, including Android and iOS download link. There is a PC Version too!

Google Play:
PC Client:
Web Top-up:


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