Clash of Clans revamps and takes you out of the bothersome single-tap troops training!


As of many other MMO strategy mobile games, Troops training has always been giving players a troublesome time of having to single-tap troops to train them out 1 by 1.

With the recent update of Clash of Clans which included the re-balancing of certain troops such as the wizard, hidden tesla, baby dragon, Mortar and many other units. Apart from re-balancing of troops, COC has also balanced Clan wars as well as implementing the new army training and quick train system.

The new Army training system allows you to manage all your troops and spells by using quick training. This new system include multiple tabs that lets you organize and prioritize your troops to train first.

Army training system.jpg

In the Train troop tab, you can even prepare 2 armies worth of troops too at the same time.

Same for the spells brewing tab, you can brew elixirs in this new system just by shifting to the next tab.

In the army tab as shown in the video, you can see which troops and spells that are ready for your disposal on your next attack. Not to mention that you can even heal your heroes and request reinforcement from your clan mates all within that tab!

The quick train tab which is what we really like to focus on. It allows you to set 3 army plans that you would like to train and you can train the plan with just 1 tap, how awesome!

When you set up a new plan, you can see the resources costing needed and the time taken for the plan to finish training, you can even set your plans name to whatever you like, be it ‘Imba plan!’  Or ‘quick-rush plan’ and other names that is up to your own imagination! You can always go back to edit and trash the army plan.

Lastly, always take note! Upgrading your barrack helps you to unlock new troops that you can utilize to trash your opponents. It also helps reduce the troops training time! You can see in the video that the dragon training time got reduced from 12 minutes to a whopping 4 minute!

If you haven’t started playing Clash of clans, you can find the download links for both Android and iOS below.

Clash of Clans is a mmo strategy mobile game developed and published by Supercell.

Download Link:





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