Colopl Rune Story removed from App stores


Rune Story, the tap and slash action RPG by COLOPL NI has just announced earlier today that their game will be taken off taken off the App store and their IAP jewel store will be disabled. They have also informed their community on their Facebook page that they will be ending the development on Rune Story, the cause of the ending development is unknown to the public.

More details will be updated on their page as time goes, but meanwhile players will still be able to continue playing the game but COLOPL NI did not specifically state any date for the ending of service of the game.

Since the development of Rune story has come to a stop, they mentioned that they will not be releasing the Nightmare Mode or updating their game any further. They will however be trying to accommodate requests if there are quests or heroes that the players would like to see again.

Gamersaur is deeply sadden by the news of the end of service of Rune story and hope that one day Rune story will updated and come back again to the App Store again, so that fans and players will once again get to play the game.


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