DC Legends coming this november!

DC fans hype up as DC will be releasing DC Legends, a strategic RPG this coming November. Team up Superheroes and Super villains as they fight against Nekron and his army of Manhunters.

Other than the usual PVE content, Throwdown, probably what you know as PVP will also be included in DC Legends as you fight against other heroes around the globe to become the world’s best team. You will also be able to upgrade your heroes and become legendary as they learn new skills as you progress. In addition to that, DC will be delivering fresh and live contents and events to to engage with the players. This will probably include earning of new heroes or villains and having additional rewards via the daily and weekly special events that are tied to the latest in DC comics, movies and TV!

Pre-registration is already on the way on their website. Along with this Pre-registration, you will be able to get Striker Wonder Woman once the game launches as to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary  and it’s upcoming film.

Here’s a little candy for you to get hype up a little more.


So what are you waiting for? Pre-register now and collect your heroes to become the best in DC Legends in November!



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