Chronoblade Soft launch in Singapore and Canada

ChronoBlade published by Netmarble soft launch has made its way to Singapore and Canada . ChronoBlade is a 2D Hack and slash RPG mobile game available for both Android and iOS.

The game takes place in a Multiverse where countless of earth exist. And the worlds are threatened by a rising shadow which is known as the Chronarch Imperium (What a fanciful name!). You will be playing as an inter-dimensional Hero who must fight to protect the worlds that the Chronarch Imperium would corrupt and decimate. Search for clues about the Chronarch as you journey into the many realities of the Multiverse and the power to stop them.

As the game is still in it’s soft launch phase, you can still pre-register  the game for the information and updates of the game!

Soft Launch is now open for ChronoBlade, available for users in Singapore and Canada! you can download it with the link below!



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