Are you ready for an Adventure quest in 3D

Remember when we use to swap weapons and armors and fight monsters in the 2D Adventure quest? Now you can become a guardian again in Adventure quest 3D!

Gamersaur Adventure quest gameplay.jpg

Adventure Quest Gameplay

Developed by Artix Entertainment, the game has move off from its PC online platform to a more diversified reach into the mobile gaming region.Yes the game will be available crossed-platform for both PC and Mobile! Currently you can access the close beta via a few methods, such as being a Member in AQWorlds, or if you have an upgraded Artix game account, otherwise you can also buy a $19.99 or $49.99 Guardian Package. And lastly if you are lucky enough to get a early access promo code.

adventure quest 3D dragon.jpg
Guardians, be ready for the epic journey into the world of adventure quest in the open beta that will start on 18th October 2016. Do note that some platforms might be release out earlier.

These are some of the things that you can expect in the open beta of Adventure Quest 3D.


This definitely sound like in the anime of Sword art Online’s Aincrad where you have to climb the levels. Well you have it here, the ShadowSkull Tower where players will need the best items in the game as well as working together in order to battle to the top of the tower where you will find the NecroKnight, careful he has a surprise for you though. The tower floors are randomized with puzzles, kill-alls and some mini boss battle to keep it interesting for you :).

Mogloween & Haunted House

It definitely looks like we will be celebrating Halloween this year in AQ3D, that’s right, the yearly tradition of Mogloween should be in since the open beta starts in October! The town will go dark with glowing pumpkins and a haunted house will appear. More information will be reveal when the time of darkness arrive.

Volcanic Dragon Area

Yes, they planned in November for us as well! AQ3D will be opening up the next major area in November. a volcanic region that is filled with Dragons and Dragonslayers! Well maybe with Dragonslayer Slayers, or even Dragonslayer Slayer’s Slayer as well. We will have to seee when November come.

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