Safe from ‘Kaboom’ with knowledge and tips of mobile phone


How safe are your phones? No one knows for sure after the incident of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones exploding all over the place.

So Samsung recalled their Note 7 worldwide earlier last week due to the Note 7 catching on fire because of its battery issue.  As explained in the video you can see right on top, Mobile phones nowadays uses Lithium-ion batteries. These small and packed batteries in your phone are probably the best you can get right now, having a high energy density and low self discharge.

However over the years we have seen news of phones ‘exploding’, including the latest Samsung Note 7. Most of the ‘exploding’ incidents were caused by the battery unit. How does it happen? Well the liquid swimming around inside most lithium-ion batteries is, you guessed it, they are highly flammable.By making a hold on the thin sheet of plastic that separates the positive and negative sides of the lit-ion battery, the punctured point would turn into a path of least resistance for electricity to flow. The flammable liquid electrolyte then heat up right at that spot. And if the liquid heats up quickly enough, the battery can go ‘kaboom’ and explode.

Lithium ion battery explodes
Mobile games nowadays are getting their graphical upgrades as well, MMORPG from PC shifting to the mobile platforms, such as Devilian, Maplestory, Age of Wushu, and a lot more that will be coming pretty soon. All the new high intensity graphics would easily heat up our phones in a matter of minutes. The high temperature phone may be hazardous as Lithium batteries can suffer from a problem called thermal runaway, whereby excess heat promotes more excess heat.

Age of Wushu Dynasty.jpg

It’s true that we want phones that has a longer battery life for our daily usage, and also for mobile gaming that drains battery power so fast. But at the end of the day no one wants a phone that will explode while in their hand.

The incident of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was huge and was many of the note 7 were recalled, that would make Samsung have potential loss of billions of dollars. On the other hand risking the life of the user.

There is no way to change the arms race of the phone makers to make their phones better than their competitors. So the only thing we could possibly do have preventive measures against making your phone overheating.

Here are some tips for you!

Kill unused apps – both the Android and iOS has the function to kill off any unused app that are still running in the background in which you might not notice.

Use the Original chargers! – Yes, try not to purchase the cheaper chargers if you decide to change your charging cable or plugs. The bootleg versions tend to strain the battery or the cable itself and thus the increased in temperature in your phone might happen.

Don’t leave your phone charging till 100% and leave it there – Even though the phones are now ‘smart’ enough to stop charging once it hits 100%. There is still potential danger to overheating. Well you don’t come back to your phone and see it at 99% do you?

Don’t leave your phone under the sunlight – Yes direct sunlight heats up your phone duh! And your phone will of course have the increase in temperature the longer you put it under the scorching hot sun. so Avoid having direct sunlight shining on your phone.

The heat trapper – If your phone is already heating up, you can turn off your phone, or airplane mode alternatively, Your phone casing becomes a heat trapper, so remove the casing so that there would allow the phone heat vent to do its job without being blocked.

Gamersaur not only provide you with the latest mobile games news and information, we do care for our fellow mobile gamers! So we hope this article lets you gain more knowledge and learn to take any necessary precaution against overheating of your phone.

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