Road to Roto RPG

Fancy paladin clad in huge and thick armor, suave samurai with their sharp katanas, or perhaps a dual-wielding pistol shooter? Well you might be in for a treat as they are all here in Roto RPG. Developed and published by Softbigbang, a korean software developer, The game is available globally on both iOS and Android that was launched on the 25th September 2016. Roto RPG is free to play but comes with In-app purchases (IAP).

Roto RPG is a stage-based 3D RPG where you will take 3 Masters into battle. The RPG game also includes ‘resource mining’ call the AOS mine, where your Masters will venture into the mine by choosing a specific number of hours, the least being 2 hours. they will return after 2 hours with various resources such as Gemstones, Enchant Coins, and Universal Shards, which you can use to enchant ores or buy enchanted stones that is used to upgrade your Masters.


The PVE stages allows you to toggle through your 3 Masters, so you can use any one of them at any point of time. This features will test your reaction and at the same time, allow you to employ your Masters skills to the maximal effect in battle.


The PVP aspect of Roto RPG is indeed a very unique experience that you will see. The Arena isn’t just any kind of PVP, it includes the element of MOBA experience, where you will bring your 3 Masters and destroy your enemy towers. The arena includes a single or a dual lane mode. Your opponent that you choose to fight with, will be defending against and attacking you in order to defeat your towers. In which case whoever destroy the main tower wins the battle.

Roto RPG arena.jpg

Other than the Arena, there are other various challenges such as the Forest of Chaos, Warrior Training, Ranking Battle: Arena, Path of trials, and Raid. You can unlock these new challenges as you clear the adventure mode stages.

the game allows you to blitz through the stages once you clear it with a full 3-star, and you can also use the Auto function to clear new stages. So if you are a busy person, no worries! This functions will be able to help you breeze through the game.

Now if you are into the sound content. Your ears might be in for a ‘eargasm’. Roto RPG has 2 different sound packs of the character in which you can choose from. Either in Japanese or in Korean. Famous voice actors such as Yuuko Sanpei(三瓶 由布子), and 山寺宏一(Koichi Yamadera) who voice acted for Boruto in Naruto, and also Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop respectively were called upon to voice act for the game. They voice acted for Noel and Lord Katoshi in Roto RPG.

Other than voice acting, Players may also choose to play the game in various languages which includes English, Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Overall Roto RPG has created a good balance for both the game content, and the graphical and sound content.

Download Roto RPG and set off on your adventure today.


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