Knight Slinger Catapults multiple countries soft launch

Knight Slinger is a turn base Slingshot RPG developed by COCOONBEAT where you will be sling-shooting your characters towards the monsters to deal damage to them. in addition to slingshot, the characters can use the surrounding walls to bounce back and hit the target again depending on your slingshot angles.


There are 6 differing warrior classes, and these classes, there are over 350 collectible characters in which you can play. Each classes responds differently when fired upon the enemies. The 6 warrior class are specified into Swordsman, Magician, Spearman, Tanker, Cannoneer, and the Archer.


Multiple modes are also integrated in Knight Slinger, such as the Battle Arena and Magic Tower where players can look forward to cool rewards and real-time PVP!


The game is currently on a soft launch in multiple countries in the google play store that includes the follow: Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, India, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, and Turkey.

So if you’re the lucky people who live in these countries, you can try them out by downloading it at your google play store!

Download link:


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