[Cry: Dark rise of antihero] Review

Just released on the 18th October 2016, Cry: Dark rise of antihero is a 3D ARPG is publish by Eyedentity games. Right at the very beginning, you will be able to choose between the 3 contractors, Deimos, Eva, and Lucia. The typical ARPG that has been launched recently does not have a storyline quite like Cry as Cry focus towards a more antagonistic storyline where you will be playing as a contractor of death and soul. The game is available on both iOS and Android.

I have decided to give Cry the rating of 3.4/5. The game’s overall had a nice storyline of the 3 characters you can play. Each of the characters had their background story of why and how they actually turned into a contractor of death and soul. The cinematics were well made although maybe Deimos could be a little more handsome. Well here is a look of the untold story of Deimos which was not shown in the game!

Cry Rise of antihero Deimos.jpg


The beginning of the story about Deimos.

Noble and religious crusader.
He lost all his knights and family on the final day.
He cursed the Gods for all human beings are sentenced to death and he took vow with Memphito for Death and Soul.
Since then, he follows Memphito and takes Gods’ lives to fulfil his revenge.

‘Deimos’ was an honorable crusader.
He served the God well and did sacred things more than anyone else.
But his faith turned to hatred on the final day.

Since that day, he gathered the survivors and struggled for their lives.
The time has passed. His colleagues and family are fell one by one. He also faced his final moment on the cold ground.

He cursed the God when he tried to keep the last breath.
‘Damn you all! I will curse the Gods even after my body is torn apart and thrown into the fire of purgatory!’

At that moment, he heard a cold and sharp voice in his ears.

‘Do you curse the God…’

Deimos answered to the voice and he could raise himself again among piles of dead bodies.
All he’s got was nothing but the rage and madness to the God after all.


Graphic [✮✮✮]: This ARPG has a really good cinematics at the beginning. Such as when you are creating your character, you can actually catch a glimpse of how each character became a contractor, like Deimos, being a holy crusader holding on to a girl, most likely to be his daughter. Filled with hatred he signed a contract to gain power in order to crush the fallen gods. The cool skills that you can use in the game also display cool and smooth graphics when utilized. The graphic presents to us a very realistic feeling to match the theme of the dark and antagonistic style. It would totally be wrong to be using Chibi style won’t it. Slight animations are used instead of the typical static illustrations when dialogues happen. NPCs displayed seems to be much more of an adult version kind of game but of course not to the extent where it is NSFW. The overall graphic theme goes hand in hand together with the storyline and gameplay.


Storyline [✮✮✮✮]: The storyline of Cry is very new and refreshing, you won’t be playing a holy knight or white witch that is going to be slaying the demonic forces, instead you are a human granted with demonic powers via signing a contract, in order to destroy the fallen Gods such as Zeus which you will be seeing within minutes into the game. Three unique characters with different storyline of how they became a contractor of death and soul. The whole story will unfold as you go on into the stage base game, in which you will slowly uncover the truth perhaps. Awesome storyline that would bait the player into wanting to know what will happen at the end. For now, we know you are killing all the gods because of their bad deeds but who knows what Memphito is planning.


Gameplay [✮✮✮✮]: The gameplay would be similar to many ARPG that has been around or recently launch. Cool graphics would be the way to go for ARPGs. As for the gameplay, the stages would get harder if you don’t get your gear upgraded. The gears are pretty easy to obtain or upgrade as you go along with the quests and stages. Multiple game modes that are available in the game will also help in your journey of gear collecting. Such as the realm of trials, raids, and daily dungeons. Of course you can also buy the IAPs to upgrade your character faster.

Beside just hacking and slashing away. The bosses you encounter has a shielding bar, in which you must clear before their HP gets reduced by your slashes. The game offers auto-battle mode so if you are busy, you may also use it to clear off your energies. The skills of your character can be customized as each character has over 10 skills in which you can actually set some chain combos to them. A maximum of 3 combos can be set for battle. Each combo entail to a maximum of 3 skills. So in fact you will be able to use 9 skills along with your familiar (a pet you can use in battle). Set your combos correctly, and you might probably breeze through the arena or stages!


Uniqueness [✮✮✮]: I personally felt that the graphical cinematics in this game is awesome, and also the skills combos that you can actually set makes the game and character you play unique in your own way. Each player will be able to set their personal combo in order to defeat their opponent; how cool can that be. The antagonistic storyline is uncommonly seen as well, and this sets the theme of the game to be a much darker version than the usual ‘oh I am a paladin that worships god’ feeling.


‘Retainability’ (Ability to Retain players) [✮✮✮]: I would say the storyline and skills are the big part of this game that would retain players. Being able to use the same character but with different sets of skill combos, players can duke it out with each other in the arena for rewards. This is pretty much different from the other ARPGs which has the standard classes with standard 3 to 4 skills. The storyline of being a contractor of death and souls seems to have a twist to it as you advance more into the game. That is what I felt as I go deeper into the game.

Overall, the game is pretty much about the skills combos that makes the gameplay, the awesomeness cinematics and not forgetting the dark and antagonistic storyline that makes players wanna play Cry! So download Cry: Rise of antihero before you cry!

The game is available on both:



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