Valiant force gets ready for SEA launch

Valiant Force has announced its official SEA launch on 1st November 2016 which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines. The game will be available for both iOS and Android.

With the official launch, Valiant Force will be making some upcoming changes and new content that will be patched on 27th October 2016, just before the official SEA launch date.

Here are some of the changes that will be made with the new patch.

New Voiceovers For All Heroes

All the heroes will be receiving new voice overs. For Leon and Theia, Valiant force has prepared for 2 popular voice actors from japan, awesomesauce! To find out more stay tune to Valiant Force Facebook page.

Heroes Balance Changes

Some changes made for hero balancing will be included in the latest patch too, here are some changes that are explained in layman terms.

1. Bonus stats gained from “Training” will be reduced by 20%. This is to prevent players with fewer resources for training from falling too far behind others, while also placing greater emphasis on hero leveling.

2. Overall Stats for all heroes have been increased, some classes more than others. This is to make sure that all classes are viable in both PVE and PVP.(Example: Guardians’ overall stats have been increased more than others)

Skills and Aura Balance Changes

Skills and auras for nearly all heroes have been balanced. Some heroes may see new skills and aura effects, while others might see small changes such as numeral adjustments.

These changes are part of the game’s balancing update for both PVE and PVP.

The development team will be monitoring these changes closely after launch and onward.

New Hero – Winry Reinholt

Based on the 2nd Runner-up winner of the 2015 Valiant Force Hero design contest, Winry Reinholt is the latest Ranger class hero to be added into the growing hero roster. Reinholt… that family name sounds mighty familiar!

Halloween Event

Our Halloween event is to commence on the 27th of October and it brings along quite a few new features. The new “Horde Mode” will be introduced for this event.

Players will be introduced to new undead monsters, along with the powerful Skeleton King Maleos, a powerful 5-star monster which will wreak havoc, especially in Legendary mode. Watch out for his devastating attacks! Rumors claim he is a potent addition to any squad…

Event Market

The Event Market is a new feature that will b available to everyone.Players can use event items dropped in each event to exchange for various items including, 5 Star items, Halloween Hero Tickets, Express Tickets, and more!

Event Ladder

The new Event Ladder will now give players a better look at how they are faring in the Halloween Event. Do note that this ladder will not be available for all festive events. The top players can expect fabulous prizes, including the awesome 5 star Skeleton King card!

2X Combat Speed

Due to popular community demand, Valiant Force have acknowledged the need for the 2x Combat Speed function!

Please note that this function is only available after the Normal mode for story campaign is completed. This is to encourage new players to learn about the strategic elements in Valiant Force first.

Battle Chat

Based on community feedback and internal research, The developers have confirmed the inclusion of the in-battle chat function.

Name Change and Name Lock

While players used to be able to change their in-game names anytime, the developers are taking the measure to lock down player names. All player names will be modified to their Player ID, but of course everyone will be given 1 free chance to change their player names. Do note that the game system will refuse any duplicate names.

Rune System for Monsters

To boost the strength of the monsters and make them more viable for squads, we are opening up the Rune System for monsters! The runes used will be similar to those used by heroes.

Equipment Enhance Feature

At +15 now, all equipment (weapon and armor pieces) will be able to increase their star level! For example, if a 3 Star weapon is at +15, there will be an option for it to become a 4 Star weapon at +0. Of course, growing the weapon at this point will still be needed before this new process happens.

Post-launch content (after October 27)

Valiant Force developers are currently working on several other new features, including Hero and Item Lock, Guild Conquest, improved recipes in the Armorsmith, the Christmas Event, new skill animations for Valiants, and more!

The game is currently in beta and available for download in the google play store for various countries and will be officially available for SEA on the 1st November 2016.

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