Devilian mobile launching real soon! Pre-register today

Developed by Bluehole, Devillian is a dungeon base 3D MMORPG that we have announced earlier back when the soft launch was available to certain countries. The game is now available for you to pre-register for its upcoming launch. No actual date has been confirmed yet for now, however we expect the official launch to be soon!

In Devilian mobile, you can expect to play the 3 characters Kylar, Ayla, or Elin in co-op mode, as well as experience tag team PVP. Devastating weapons can be collected and battle craft to be enhanced along your journey in the game.

Devilian mobile has 2 pre-register format. One of it is the Premium pre-registration where you can sign up by keying in your email address. You will be able to obtain 200k gold, and 5 random Mystic Armor Ticket.

Gamersaur Devilian mobile premium pre register.png

The other Pre-registration format would be via your Google Play Store, where you can obtain 500 gems from this method. However do note that this method is only available for Android users only.



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