CSR Racing 2 takes your phone to a whole new graphic level

Car lovers out there, you might just be in love with CSR Racing 2. This game is the sequel to CSR Racing which debuted back in June 2012. Although not a newly released mobile game at the current date, CSR Racing 2 was developed and published in June 2016, available to both iOS and Android.


The game is a free to play drag racing game, in which you will start off as a new racer and given a choice to choose between 5 Tier 1 cars from the Toyota 86 to Mini Cooper S. Starting off as a rookie, you will climb your way up to the top as you improve on your ride to Koenigsegg’s One:1.


The game will be a drag race where you can control your RPM before the start, and then changing of your gear subsequently to reach your highest speed in the shortest time to beat your opponent in the linear stretch.

Why would Gamersaur recommend this game to you?
Well basically I feel that the graphic would make car lovers love the game, and also the game has a short span of game time so you won’t have to stick around your phone the whole day competing. Yep you will have time for you family, friends, girlfriends, wife! Ain’t that great! But of course I won’t recommend you to go drag racing with your real car!

Are you ready to defeat the other crews around and be the next Drag race king?
You can find the download link for both iOS and Android below.




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