The walking dead: No man’s land gets Season 7 missions!

If you haven’t watched the latest episode of the walking dead yet, your definitely missing out! I am not going to be the bad guy and reveal a spoiler for you here, you are just going to have to watch it yourself! 😛

TWD no man land Season 7.jpg

Well other than the latest season 7 of the walking dead. Next Games Oy has incorporate the season 7 content into The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. Get the latest and freshest content every Monday when a new episode of the series is release.

In this first real-time partnership of Next Game and AMC to integrate a drama into a mobile game content in real time. the game will release weekly content that features different characters as they appear in the show, bonus themes and special behind the scenes videos will also be included in the game. So catch on to the game and see all the special content that is only available in the game itself!

If you have not played the game yet, it is available on both iOS and Android and you can find the download link of the game just right below!





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