Spooktacular Halloween Apps just for you!

Hello spooky readers! Halloween is right around the corner, well in fact it’s just next Monday! So with the special day that is arriving at our doorstep, why not take a step further with some of the Apps that are available to you just right on your smart devices!

I am going to introduce some Apps for you to use during this spooktacular day. All the Apps i will be showing you are available to download for free! However some might of course include In-app purchases as well.

Unfortunately though all of us are from different country and not all of us actually celebrate Halloween by going door to door trick or treating. It’s a universal event where you can see restaurants or even theme parks going with the Halloween theme. Therefore we are all connected! The best connectivity would be our mobile phone of course, in which everyone is bound to have at least one.

So let me introduce to you some of the Apps you can use or play or even share it with your friends during your gathering for the Halloween!

Plant vs Zombies: Heroes (Mobile Game)

Well without the need of a mask or dressing up, Plants Vs Zombies already have their ‘real’ suit ready for battle in the new PvZ series, Plant Vs Zombies Heroes! The game is a Collectible card game (CCG). So if you are bored during the weekend you could get your hands down and dirty into the soil with PvZ Heroes.

The walking dead yourself (Photography editing App)

the walking dead yourself.gif

Since it’s the Halloween season, I am pretty sure you would want to share or send some scary pictures of yourself like a zombie or a ghost to your friends to get the mood up or simply just to make them jump up from their couch. Well you can try The walking dead yourself! The App simply allows you to edit your picture so that you can become a zombie lookalike without the need of the expert makeup artist on TWD set. It would be the best to send it to a friend who might be walking home late at night alone to prank them a little, who knows he or she might just make a run for it to get home safely. Just a note though, Colored pictures would be the most optimal. I used a grayed out image for the above, but it still looked awesome somehow haha! You will also be able to share it as a photo,video, or a gif on various platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Creepypasta & Scary Stories (stories app)

If you love to read during your spare time and a fan of chilling horror stories like me, you can read some creepy tales from Creepypasta & Scary Stories that will make your hair stand! You can download  on your app. The simple app contains at least over 500 short stories in which you can read up whether you are hiding under the blanket or just sitting in a bus on the way home. Stories categorized by dreams, murders and deaths, or even bizarre rites and rituals are all in this very App for you to read them all!

The walking dead: No man’s land (Mobile Game)

Well if you are a fan of AMC’s series the walking dead, you may also try out the mobile game which features the real-time content every week as the drama shows on the TV screens. the game will be updated and missions related to the show will also be release on every Monday for the players to get the latest and freshest meat, er.. i meant content! Also check out the new episode of season 7 of TWD if you haven’t.

Oz: Broken Kingdom (Mobile game)

If you are a fan of the story, The wizard of Oz, This game will definitely be for you! Oz: Broken Kingdom was released pretty recently. With the latest update of a new hero this Halloween, Jack Pumpkinhead will make sure you get your pumpkin treats! you can check out my review on the game as well.

Halloween Recipes (Recipe App)

Having a party over the weekend? Well if you are the host and require some recipes on hand for Halloween treats, look no further! Halloween Recipes will save you from the agony of getting roasted by your friends! create amazing Spooky treats for them and they will think of you differently! Of course you can trick them too by changing some ingredient yourself muahahahah!

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