Gameloft’s Zombie Anarchy Review

It’s definitely the season of Halloween as well as zombie! Since the new season of The Walking Dead has begun. It’s series of games and Apps has also been updated as well. But today we are not here to talk about AMC’s The Walking Dead. We are going to talk about Gameloft’s new game that has caught onto the zombie wave: Zombie Anarchy.

Zombie Anarchy is a strategy MMO where you will be building your base and defending it, as well as going for campaigns to complete your missions. Other than completing the quests, you will also be able to attack other players base for more resources as well. Although the game is pretty similar to other strategy MMO such as Clash of Clans or Boom Beach by Supercell. The game takes you on a completely different adventure. I will be telling you more about this game along with the first look gameplay of the game that is available for you to watch just right on top.

Just released globally, the game is available for you to play on both iOS and Android as well as your PC.

Not your typical Build the troops

First off, this game isn’t your typical troops building and sending them off into campaigns or player’s base to battle. Zombie Anarchy comes with special heroes all with various abilities that you can make use of when you go into combat. You will start off with Kane, a melee who swings his axe along with the ability of throwing Molotov to damage an area.


Let us evaluate this game further. In terms of graphical content, the game is pretty much similar to other strategy MMO games, however it comes with the story line of the post-apocalyptic world that are infested with zombies.

I believe that the game holds more on its content that rather than the graphical looks.

Zombie Survivor

Zombie Anarchy base.png

Content, content, content. The game is quite original in a sense that it is going along the line of zombies and also, you as a survivor leader, who will take charge of building your own precinct. Leveling and upgrading your secured area so that you can defend against other players who will be attacking you in order to gain ‘trophies’.

Let’s dive into the function of the normal PVE campaigns. Basically these campaigns are like your tutorial where it will help you grow your heroes as well as build up your base. You will start off with learning to build various buildings to your bases and upgrading your heroes. Basically you can find these quest on the Bottom left side with the hero’s face. By tapping on it, you will see what you will need to do in order to proceed on with the chapters of the missions.

As you level, you will be able to unlock more heroes to use for your missions and PVPs against other players. The game includes Daily quests for you to earn Bloodstones (IAP currency), and currently as Halloween is just around the corner, they have prepared a ‘Trick or Treat’ Quest where you will be rewarded with various materials or items in the game itself. Other than Bloodstones, you will have Food, which is used for training heroes, or healing them. Salvage, represented by a golden cogwheel is what you will use to upgrade your buildings.


Strategic commands

The gameplay isn’t just the type of hack and slash or shooting bullets everywhere kind of game. Instead these game requires your strategic and precise input to command your heroes so that they will survive the outbreaks of zombies as well as NPCs or players’ bullets and metal.


When you strike an opponent base, you will stand to get materials as well for upgrading, as well as the in-game currencies (Food, Savage). Other than those, you will gain ‘Trophies’ where you will go up the leaderboard of players as you gain more trophies.


Overall the game still has space for improvements such as clans, and better mapping system. What the game really lacks would probably be the social function where people should be able to communicate with each other for a much better gameplay experience. Since the game is still rather new, I believe more updates in the future that will add in new features would help boost the ability to retain players.
The genre of Zombies slaying and being a leader of the survivor would bite and latch onto the fans of The Walking Dead or any other zombies series.

It’s really nice to see a post-apocalyptic strategy MMO, makes you feel like you are a survivor doesn’t it!

You can find the download link of this game just right below!



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