XIIBraves Valiant Force Review

If you like artsy illustrations and into Japanese theme games, then you are definitely in for a treat for this game that I will be reviewing in this article.

Published by XIIBraves, a Singapore software development company, the turn-based grid style mobile game Valiant Force that will be officially launching on November 1st 2016. It will be available for both iOS and Android for players from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Valiant Force comes packing a punch with a storyline of Emma and Ethan who were a pair of gifted twins who were born into a prestigious and wealthy royal family. Envious of their family influences, rivalry was formed and the opposing family baited Emma and Ethan’s parent into committing treason, thus leading to being captured and executed. Emma and Ethan however managed to escape death and vowed to one-day revenge for their parents. They then turned to Blood Magic by offering their soul. Years later, they manage to revenge for their parents. The unfortunate happened as Emma was driven mad by her powers where she believes that the world has to be cleansed of its sins. No one was spared that night while Ethan escaped.

Emma was brought down years later by Ethan again when she rallied the remaining army of all kingdom upon Cyron Steppes. Before she could finish her incantation, Ethan drove his sword through her heart and the unfinished incantation backlash onto Emma. On her dying breath, she vowed to return and finish the redemption of humanity. Ethan then vanishes after slaying his sister, never to be seen again.

This event brought all kingdoms to agree on an unconditioned peace which ended the great war. Over a decade of peace and rebuilding has since passed, but now the omens forewarn of Emma’s imminent revival…

After knowing the story-line you would know why the Valiant are here. Let me dive deeper into the game graphics and content to allow you to know what is available for you in this game.

Graphical and awesomeness voice!

First off the graphics looks decent where it comes in a form of medieval style and yet possesses magical items such as a magical looking scythe or a demonic wing, They are called the Vanity gear in this game.

Valiant force hero gear.png
As you upgrade your characters and gear they would change accordingly, such as a weapon would have glowing effects in which you can see when you are engaging in battle on the grid base field.

The game does have both 2D and 3D illustration of the characters that you have which is awesome, I personally like the 2D Illustration. Kudos to the artist. 😀


Other than the awesome artworks, the game also include awesome Japanese sound packs. You would be surprised they have actually got voice actors to power up their character voices. Oh and all the human characters actually have their own story to it too!

Classes and Aura triggers

Now let us move on towards the content of the game. Basically you will be on a grid base battlefield with up to a maximum of 5 heroes, and a form field of 3*6 grids for you to place them. When engaging in battle you will have turns to initiate your attacks, the number of turns before your character can utilized their skill will be represented by the numbers on the top left corner of their icons.

The special feature of the game would be the Valiant classes and the Aura link. What are they?

Basically you can upgrade your character to various classes that are available to you. The Game starts off with 6 Valiant classes: Guardian, Champion, Shadow, Mystic, Healer, and Archer. It doesn’t just stop there. Out of the 6 valiant classes, they are further diversified into 3 tiers. Such as for a Guardian, you start off as a Knight at 3-Star, and can grow towards Crusader or Zealot at 4-star, as for 5-star you will have 2 tier class which you can choose from. Crusader for example, would have Holy Defender, and Paladin for you to choose from. All the different tiers and classes have their own unique Sprites and illustration for the character, much hard work from XIIBraves!

When you engage in battle, there would be this little red arrows pointing Up, Down, Left or Right. What are they? They are what you call the Aura Link in the game. Each character has their own unique Aura link in which when another character is placed adjacent to the arrows, they would get the addition ‘aura link buff’ from the character. This will bring strategic gaming to the next level and is what I really find unique in this game. Not only do you just bring 5 heroes out to battle, you must also carefully plan out your next move as well.

Apart from these unique features, the characters come with equipment slots in which you can strengthen your heroes to your own build.


Overall, I feel that this game is good for both casual and hardcore players.  If you are a busy person, there is always auto mode for you to grind the game. For the hardcore gamer, there is guild content as well as Arena for you to duke it out with other players in the game. Lastly for Japanese theme lovers, you would basically fall in love!

You can still pre-register for awe-inspiring rewards that will be gifted to you within 1 week of the official launch.

Download Link below


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