iOS app developers can now obtain promo codes from iTunes Connect for their own app

iOS developer can give free promo codes with the new iOS promo code request function.jpg

iOS users rejoice! As you will soon be able to enjoy the benefits from the latest news announced by Apple. what’s the news?

Well, iOS developers will be able to obtain promo code via their iTunes Connect!
Previously, iOS developers had to work around the issue in order to have promo codes for giveaway to the fans of their apps or other purposes.

Announced on Friday, iOS developer will now be able to request promotion codes for giveaways to their potential customers or reviewers, how awesome can it get! iOS consumers would definitely reap the most as they would probably stand a chance of getting a promo code where they can use it download the developer’s new app or if the price of the app is free, they can redeem the code for in-app purchase item of the app.

However with this new feature for the developers, there are of course restrictions that comes along with it as well (for the developers). The developers can request up to 100 promo codes for every version of each platform of your app, or for their in-app purchases but are limited to a 1,000 in-app purchase code per app every six months which will reset on January 1st and July 1st respectively. The codes that are generated and given to the developers are for non-commercial use and will expire after 28 days from the date that they were requested. Other than that, App users who had used the coupon will not be able to rate or review the app.

If you are a developer and reading this, perhaps you can visit Apple’s developer documentation on how the  promo codes works for you.

The development team shares the power to request for the promo code from iTunes Connect, Admin and Marketer role in the development team will be able to request for promo codes as well. How easy can it get for the developers! Now App’s Marketer will also be able to utilize as new tool for them to garner more traffic on their app, Awesomeapplesauce!

It’s definitely a Win-Win situation for both the developer and users. Why so?

Basically developers could use the promo codes for Influencers who will be able to spread and market their mobile app, which is probably against Apple’s ‘rule’ of non-commercial user. The internet though, is definitely a very gray world. And if you are lucky enough, you might just walk away with a the iOS coupon as well if they decides to hold Pre-registrations events for their app with the prize of the promo codes.

I would definitely not say no to this new feature for the developer, and well we obviously will be seeing coupon codes flying in all directions by all the app developers all over the world pretty soon!

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